Email #3–Just after arriving at the Guatemala MTC

Christian was able to call us last night when he was at the SLC airport, and again when he landed in LA before flying to Guatemala. It was so wonderful to hear his voice and hear how he’s doing! He has grown so much already! When he called from LA he said he was so excited to see tattooed people, and men with long hair because the missionaries looked so different from everyone else and that was exciting to him. He said he felt like his mission was officially beginning now that he was leaving the country because he knew so many people in the MTC from BYU. It was hard to hang up and say goodbye once again, but with the tears came a big smile! Here is his letter:

dear mom, i made it to the mtc in guatemala. i cant use punctuation
because this typer keyboard is loco. guatemala pretty much looks like
something from pirates of the carribean. there are huge volcano
mountains and whatnot. there is a temple next to the mtc, which is
very small. the food here is very good. they have these juices that i
have never heard of, but it is muy riquisimo. it was so good to talk
to you last night. im glad we had that opportunity. mom, i really hope
i can do everything i set out to do here. im a little discouraged at
times, but the secret to my good work will be in not becoming
discouraged, it says so in my pat blessing…which is in my file if
you ever want to read it. i have one as well. i hope things are going
well for the family. the mtc, or ccm as they call it, is very nice.
everything is tile floored, and there is wood furnishings. the showers
and bed rooms are much nicer, the food is an improvement, and it is
swell. i have never been out of the country before and this is kind of
a culture shock, but all is well. i felt like i was in nacho libre
when i walked off the plane. this isnt pday today, but they gave us
time to send an email and let you know that i am well. i didnt have a
chance to buy a memory card for the camera because of our flight
delay, but ill see what i can do. i think things will be well. i have
a new companion, elder russell, and he seems like hes going to be
great. hes a whitey from utah, and he seems like a cool person to be
around, so that is a blessing.

take care, family, i love you all. i do
believe that we have pday on saturday, it might be one of those half
days that they do for the new missionaries, so hopefully ill be able
to send you some emailage. i love you so much mom, you and dad, and
the rest of the family. i hope i can make you proud. take care over
there, and keep me in mind. i love you all


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