Email #4

hey mom. still dont know how to work the punctuation on this wack’adoo
key board, but ill see what i can do. so i am in guatemala. you did
receive an email from me a few days ago, so that is that. so theyre
having a girl! thats awesome! we all thought they were going to have a
boy. bear with me. if my transitions sound rough, its because i dont
know how to use the enter key. i was able to see the pictures of
tanner. he looks like hes doing great. its crazy to think how fast
that went by. every day i pray that i might be able to serve my
mission to the best of my ability. as far as mailage goes, i did
receive one letter, from none other than the harrison porter. what a
champ. keep em coming. umm… guatemala is a really cool place. it
looks like the land off the “testaments” movie. i am very popular
among the latino missionaries. as of now, i am in their group of
“latinos” and the rest of the whiteys are “gringos.” well done,
christian. i can understand what they say for the most part. im sure
they are dumbing it down by leagues, but hey… i still get by.

my companion is great. his name
is elder russell, and he is always willing to do his part. he is a
hard worker from southern utah, and he is eager to do what is
necessary. some funny things to hear: i am teaching my new latino
friends how to say english phrases, like “sup,” or “get outta town,”
or “hold your horses.” its hilarious. every time i pass them they all
give me the “sup,” and i say “nada.” the president here is amazing. he
is super funny and seems pretty relaxed. the other day during a
meeting i actually had to use a translator for the first time. i felt
like the korean kids i saw at the provo mtc! i am putting to good use,
my piano skills. i am the official piano player here and what
not…the mail system is pretty sketchy here. nobody is very sure when
we actually get mail, it just shows up on your desk at night. we write
back on pday, which is today, so mailage should be received in maybe 2
milleniums. i do appreciate anything. thanks for the support. tell
randall i bought another bible cover, and to not worry about that…
not that he shouldve been worrying about that. umm… it is funny the
longer youre in the mission how you see some missionaries try to bend
the rules a bit. lets face it. if were going to dedicate 2 years of
our life to serve the Lord, and obey his rules… just do it.. it
makes me laugh.. um… i can tell that this will be
a great experience for me. really, the only thing that will distance
myself from becoming the best missionary i can be is myself. everyone
on this earth has the potential to be as alma and amulek, everyone on
this earth has within themselves the potential to approach perfection.
why doesnt everyone do this? it is because none of us believe we can.
it is my prayer that we can and will eliminate that invisible barrier
which prevents all of us from reaching our goals. really, the distance
between here and the heavens is the distance we believe it is. because
the book of mormon is true, then those stories within the book are
also true. who is to say we cannot trust god to mold us into people
comparable to the sons of mosiah. it is ourselves. that is what i am
finding out here. i pray that i will break down those things that will
prevent me from becoming the missionary i need to be.. let me know how
things go on your end… ill just… be… doing missionary things.

thanks, love christian.. from what i understand, there arent any
prohibitations from emailing others, but i wont… because i need to
dedicate time to the fam. tell lisa or anyone if they want to send
pícs or mail, i can write a little and read them and things. love you


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