Email #6

Dear Dad,and Mom. Greetings. I can´t believe I´ve been gone for so
long now. It goes by so fast. This week I was able to go proselyting
on the streets of Guatemala for a brief period of time. It was very
cool. I was able to understand most of the spanish spoken, and I was
able to give out a book of mormon and share my elementary testimony.
The people in Guatemala are so much nicer than your average north
american. Any talk about Jesus Christ is welcome, even if they don´t
necessarily believe in everything you tell them. We passed out a bunch
of pamphlets and took down 4 or 5 contacts. It was a good day. I´d
introduce myself and make them all laugh because I talk like a 3 year
old, and then I´d give it over to the companion who would then later
take over. I still haven´t learned how to use the space bar, so you´ll
just have to bear with me. I feel bad because every time I email, I´m
sick as a dog, but I promise I was feeling healthy in between the last
email and now! My companion is still a boss. He´s a lot more lively
and fun to be around than my last companion. His name is Ty Russell,
so you could probably stalk him up on fb. This week my companion and I
got several nice compliments from our teachers. They told us our
spanish was great, and that the lessons we gave we where they should
be, so I´m happy about that. I was able to get your dearelder
letters.. Don´t worry dad, I have not neglected you. You should be
receiving some letters I wrote last week, so you´ll probably get them
in a week or so. Tell Jerrick I met his childhood best friend, Elder
See. He´s here at the CCM. Lately I´ve been reading a lot from the New
Testament. I realize I haven´t studied the New Testament as much as I
should´ve been. However, I am learning so much from the teachings of
Paul to the various cities/people he wrote. I had the oppurtunity to
read from the Acts to Hebrews this week, and it is amazing how much of
the gospel he testifies of in those books. The laying on of hands to
confer the gift of the Holy Ghost, and testimony of the God head is
scattered throughout the entire New Testament. It reminded me of your
statement, Dad, when you were challenged to discover the validity of
the church by reading the New Testament, and you said you could. I
know now how that was to be. The New Testament is filled with great
scripture and truth. These truths strengthen my testimony of the
church, with their prophecies of the apostacy, restoration, and basic
fundamentals of the gospel. Another thing I´ve learned this week:
peace of mind and the spirit are direct fruits and outcomes in faith
in yourself, and faith in Christ. When we abandon any hope of the
future, or sucumb to doubt or disbelief, in that moment the spirit
withdraws itself, and we are left alone to fight our own battles. No,
sometimes I don´t feel as strong as the testimony I bear in these
letters, or in reality, but I know that I can become as such. When I
believe that I can fulfill the mission God has set for me to do, I can
do anything, as well as anyone can. But when we submit to
discouragement, and doubt, the spirit withdraws itself, and the
testimony that we bear will suffer. I just hope I can sustain that
spirit of faith. For when I do, the spirit is strong, revelation is
present, and I have peace of mind in all things. The Lord has a plan
for me, and it is up to me to have the faith necessary to fulfill that
plan. I love you dad, and I love you mom. Tell kate that I´ll get a
bunch of missionaries to start writing her, so she can have a bunch of
friends. I know the gospel is true. -elder jacobsen.   Love you all.


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