Email #8

Hello familia! Gracias por sus cartas. I can’t believe it is the 8th
week in the CCM. I leave a week from Monday. I couldn’t believe it. I
thought I had at least two more weeks, but I´ll take what I can get.
Thanks for all the letters and dearelders. They are always uplifiting
and nice to recieve. This week was a good one. I have had the
opportunity to be the baby-sitter of a bunch of disobedient latino
missionaries, and have really struggled knowing and defining the line
between reproving with sharpness, and unrighteous dominion. But all is
well, as far as I´m concerned, they are improving, and it is a lot
easier to handle than it was a week ago. Much has been happening as I
have been looking for opportunities to serve others. I see garbage
that needs picking up, I try and study the countenance on people´s
faces, to see if they need something. As I do this, I recognize my own
personal sanctification. My fears, supposed problems and trials
flutter away as I swallow my will for the will of others. Now, I feel
somewhat like a hypocrite as I tell you these things because I made
the mistake like Lot’s wife by looking back inside to see if it is
working. Never look back. I’m just lucky I didn´t turn into a pillar
of salt, but part of becoming a new person in Christ is looking
forward into the future. Put off the natural man and become a saint
through the atonement of Christ the Lord. As Paul said… along these
lines.. do not conform to the ways of the world, but be ye transformed
by the renewing of your mind. I guess I expected myself to become
compeletely selfless in a week. Ha. Nice try. It´s hard to develop
charity. It really means throwing away all your cares, all your
worries, and focus your attention on someone else. At times it seems
impossible, but as I continue to practice, my cares vanish and I have
the spirit. The great news of this is… I have something to strive
for. Complete charity. However, I, like all of us, need not look back.
Recall that short verse in the Bible: Remember Lot´s wife. All of us,
regardless of who we are, have imperfections. Jesus commanded all: Be
ye therefore perfect, even as I, and your father in Heaven, are
perfect. Of course this cannot be handled overnight, and of course we
are not expected to immediatly reach perfection. For this reason we
are to constantly strive for it: every week we take the sacrament and
renew our covenants to follow him, we repent, we shed qualities of the
natural man, and as we do this… we become sanctified. The key is to
not look back. Don´t look back. We will never go anywhere so long as
we are caught up on the old-self. Put off the natural man. Throw him
away, and become a saint throught the atonement. This week I had the
incredible opportunity to give blessings to three individuals who
needed help. The spirit is with us when we
think of others, and it leaves as soon as we conform back to old
habits. Become a new creature. Seek the spirit, and we cannot go
astray. On a side note, my companion and I grew tired of teaching fake
investigators so we´re trying it with some of the security guards
outside. We´ll see how it goes. Tell the family I love them. Teach
them to love and serve one another, and I know that will solve any
amount of quarrel or discontent in the home. Isn´t that what King
Benjamin said? I love all of you. I leave in 9 days. Dear elders sent
on Sunday will be received.  I enjoyed the pics… Looks like
the horse is getting fat. Maybe Kate should take her for a spin or
two. I love you all, and will be thinking of you. Love Elder Jacobsen


One thought on “Email #8

  1. Elder Jacobsen, Ojala que tenga un buen mission y muchisimas bendiciones!
    I have enjoyed your amazing letters on your mom’s Facebook. It has been said that conversion is the bridge between knowledge (testimony) and action (change of heart). Sounds like you are making an amazing transformation! And just think, you are just beginning this amazing journey called a “mission”. I Enjoyed your wonderful spirit and talents while we were missionaries at DC&C and wish you all the best! Christy Smith

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