Email #12…A little info on El Salvador

Hello Family!
Thanks for the package! It was great. I have peanut butter to the max. I figured you don´t know very much about El Salvador, so I´ll try and give you all some things to think about. El Salvador´s weather is much like FL. It´s basically the same. However, supposedly it is the coldest month in the year right now, and it feels like summer. We´ll see how that goes. 
The people here are very laid back. It´s quite something, really. Chill is a good word for it. The security is tight. Everyone has a protective wall around their house with razor wire. Its legitimate. 
We take buses everywhere. You can get anywhere, or buy and snack for a quarter or less. The money here is the same as in the US. They use gold dollars down here. Apparently the US hated them so much, that they shipped all of them down to El Salvador. Those things are everywhere over here. 
This week was a little slow. We had a lot of interviews, and meetings, so not much time for proselyting. Funny story, I was tracting and we ran into a bunch of Jehovah´s witnesses. I asked them for one of their pamphlets just to check it out. Here´s my new input on religion.
 We are the only religion that can tell a person that God will answer your prayers and will personally tell you that our religion is true. Why is this? Because it is true. The Jehovah´s Witness pamphlets were like a science book. They are filled with graphs, facts, and diagrams. It would take forever to teach any of that. I think they mentioned Jesus Christ on the 34th page or something. Anyways, the point is, we have a huge advantage. A thing I like to tell investigators, ¨dont believe me, believe God.” He will answer you and confirm the truth. The spanish is a little rough, but it is improving. 
I teach quite a good number of lessons in english. One advantage of being white down here, is that anyone who speaks english wants to talk to you. They´ll yell, hey how are you good morning have a nice day. All in one phrase. Their complete list of english phrases: gone in two seconds. However, many are fluent. Many El Salvadoranians have lived in CA. It´s nice to speak that English every now and then. 

I´ve been thinking about Kate, and have been praying for her. My mind has been impartly drawn to lil pony. I hope he is doing well. 

Let me know how that family is doing. I love seeing the pictures, and hearing about what´s going on. 
I haven´t received many dear elders. At least the ones you told me you sent a few weeks ago. They haven´t came yet. If you could, tell Lexi Ciulla sorry that I never wrote her back. It appears I just got her dear elder from July. 

TO Kate, I love Kate. I had a funny thought the other day. Remember when we played Scooby doo on xbox? There was an old man with yellow galoshes, and he licked those bad boys and said “Oh.. banana.” I thought you´d appreciate that. Don´t sweat the ACT. Just keep working. That´s all you really can do. Remember that nothing is impossible. Faith can move mountains, but only with works. Get a shovel and start chipping away. Just remember you have to work. Dad will help. Love you sister.

Lizzie: I saw the pictures of you. You look beautiful. Keep up the smiling. Look out boys at the first church dance. I know you´ll have a good time… Just dont have too good of a time. 😉 Keep using your talents for good. Remember that God gives us talents not for our benefit, but for the blessing of others.

Mary, Looking beautiful in the violening. I wonder how good you´ll be when I get home. I bet you´ll be great. Remember to always listen to the parents. We can only be happy by following the commandments. Anything less, will bring sadness. I love you Mary. I hope everything goes well at home. 

Jib: I enjoy getting dear elders addressed from Jib Jacobsen. Remember Jib, always always be a good boy. Learn in your youth to keep the commandments of God. Learn to throw away any bad habit now, because it can be harder when you are older because older people are more stubborn and wicked. Take care of the dogs. Always seek to help another person first. Never yourself. Love you, jib.

Love you family, take care. I´m sorry. No pictures this week. Good luck with everything. I love you all.



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