Email #13

hey parents,
sorry for the delay. I did write an email last week, but there was an error or something. Apparently it didn`t send. Sorry about that, mom.
The plaque looks legit! Hey, and the news about missionaries being able to go at 18 and girls at 19. Tell kate to wait a month before she ships out, so I can see her. 
El Salvador is nice. It`s pretty great down here. I don`t know if it`s cooling down in FL, but it`s quite hot here. I`m getting so cheap. I don`t know how I`ll spend any money when I get home. I do think the thought ran across my mind 30 cents.. holy cow that`s a rip off. 
Sorry I don`t have a lot of time. I couldn`t get the computer to work for a while. So I`ll leave you with this short message. 
I have learned a lot about the idea of perfectionism. Perfectionism is a striving to do everything perfect, the right way, the first time… and I struggle with that a bit. I`ve had to practice a lot of patience out here in the mission field. Patience with myself, patience in the language.. whatever we may have. The Lord gives us weaknesses that we may acknowledge them, and move on. When we focus on our weaknesses and try to perfect them, we lose sight of what we do have. We lose sight of our strengths, and our talents. Like the parable of the talents, we are to take what we are given, and magnify them. Glory in what we do have. Do not dwell on weaknesses. We have so much to be grateful for, and so many lives to bless. It`s a little sickening to see the things people don`t have, and then we think we have issues. I find strength in a phrase. Seek to be the doctor, not the patient. Focus on your strengths, then the Lord will see willing to strengthen your weaknesses.

I went to the temple. It was great. I`ll send pics next week. I love you all. Tell mary I sent her a letter today, and I appreciate her concern. The answer to her question is in all of my letters. 

Love you family



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