Email #14 and some pictures!

I really like it when the computer shuts off half way through the email.
Hey padres, what say ye if you send me some pics in an envelope? A good pile of pics. A bunch of missionaries have them around here, and it`d be nice to have a few. 
El salvador is great. We`ve had a bunch of success this week. We found two new families, and they are all positive. We have a few dates for baptism, but we havent had one since that first one. In literal translation, El salvador means ^the savior, so Jesus is a celebrity here. There are posters, signs, quotes, and bumper stickers of Jesus on every thing you can imagine.
I was able to go on interchanges with the zone leaders, it is good to see how the real missionaries work it around here. I sent some pics of the temple, they were taken on my comps camera because I left mine at home. 

The lesson of the week. Simplicity. There is a spirit in simplicity. There is a spirit in living your life in a way free from complications and trust in the Lord. The scriptures say that by small and simple things, are great things brought to pass. I believe that many of us, as members of the church, get too wound up in things that are not of eternal or significant worth. The prophets and apostles have counseled us to retain balance in our lives. If one thing gets too heavy or out of order, take it easy and concentrate on those things which you do have. 

Secondly, I do believe, although I do not quite understand, that the purpose of our life should be to be the answer to someone elses prayer. The Lord sends his angels to answer our prayers, but I do not think we realize that those angels may take the form of our dearest friends. Pray every morning, just like ballard advised, that we might recognize one opportunity to serve another throughout the day, and we will find that we do just that.

Enjoy the pics fam. Lookin good. Tell kate to calm down her beauty. She might be too tempting for her fellow man peers.

Much love. 
Elder Christian Jacobsen


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