Email #15 with some pictures

Hey family. This week went great. We have some baptisms coming up tomorrow! Two! I´m gonna dunk a person for the first time. I´m excited for that. I got a new companion. His name is Elder Nunez. He is the man. There is no doubt about that. He`s a champ. He`s taller than the last little chiquito that I had. He speaks a little english, so we’re going to work on that. He`s the district leader, and the boy can teach. He`s been out for 6 months, and he`s the type of person that anybody will like. I`m very grateful and satesfied with this change. I´m still in the same area. It`s called Colon. Good ole colon. Colon varies in appearance as you trasverse the map.. there are super rich areas, then there are areas with dirt floors. It really is interesting in that aspect. My companion and I have spent tons of times cleaning the train wreck in our house, but it`s looking good now. The president is awesome. He looks young enough to be a missionary. I think he likes me a lot. We shall see. That will be dependent on the fruits of my labors. Therefore, he will like me.
The ward here is great. Our bishop is excellent. We`re trying to work with the members more, so that we can have more success with the investigators. It`s working well, as far as we can tell. We found some new families this week, and we are working with them, and trying to get them to come to church. There`s a funny phrase here, people say ¨Primero Dios.¨ Hey can you come to church, ¨primero dios.¨ or god first. I always tell them that God wants them to come to church, but I don`t think I´ve been very convincing. 
I had a cool experience this week. We were walking and what not. You know how missionaries walk. We passed by this house, and I remembered that I had to ask the man who lived there, a member, to help us bring some crippled folk to church the next day in his van. It was kind of late. I knocked on the door. It turns out the man was super sick and was looking for someone to give him a blessing. We gave him a blessing. He`s doing well, but I just thought that sometimes we can be the answer to someone elses prayer if we look for opportunities like that. If you live in tune with the spirit, and have an open eye, you can accomplish much good.
We weren`t going to have baptisms this month, because our baptismal interviews fell through. Miraculously, the ZL`s snuck up in our area last night and interviewed the two. Therefore, we will baptize tomorrow. I`m excited. It`s a mom and her 14 year old daughter. They`ve been attending church for quite some time now, so they are sufficiently prepared.
The spanish is improving rapidly. I`m thankful for the help that I receive from heaven. My spanish is advancing and improving. I can understand nearly everything, but my speaking is probably at 70%. I`m grateful for the spiritual gifts. 
Well familia. Take good care. I`m hoping that you`re doing well. Mary`s getting tall! Kate is getting super thin and eloquent. That`s the word. Welp, take good care. Happy late birthday dad, I wrote you a letter that I`m sending sometime this week. Finding the time to write letters is hard. 
Much love,
Elder Jacobsen


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