Email #17

Welp family. Sorry to tell you, but Ill be extending my mission for 2 more years. I think my chances of success and posterity will be great in El Salvador for the next 4. But don´t worry…
After the Great Apostacy we received light again in the world.
That was a bummer, I thought he was winning…and he was until later in the night. Oh well, can´t say that it applies to me very much. I´ll let those gringos worry about it.

I hope things are going well. Don´t worry, I get all of your emails, and I get all of the dear elders. The jumbo package sounds swell. Thanks for sending it. It will really be a test of patience and temptation not opening it until Christmas. 

This week was kind of a letdown. We had 2 or 3 dates for baptism, but they all fell through. One of the persons we had on the list…turns out he´s a member all ready. What the. Surprise. That was cool. Our other investigator Franklin, he didn´t attend church last week. He still has a date for baptism, but we have to push it back another week because investigators have to attend church 3 times in order to be baptized.

This week’s focus will be finding. An interesting thing to think about, is that the keys to finding people to teach is held by the Bishop, and the responsibility falls with the members. Missionaries are only set apart to teach the people and help them to be converted. I do believe we have not been having too much success finding because we are trying to do it. So remember that with those missionaries at home. As members, you have the responsibility to find persons for the missionaries to teach. 

Interestingly enough, I had the chance to teach a Buddhist from Espana. He looks like a gringo, and He´s a buddhist. I never thought I´d run into anybody that wasn´t obsessed with Jesus. I didn´t really know how to begin. If we go to the scriptures, the answer and method to teach people unfamiliar with Jesus Christ can be found in Alma 18, and Alma 22. 
You ask simple questions, and then you teach them lesson 2, or the plan of redemption. We´ll see how it goes with this man, but I think that it will improve. He has a hard time developing or applying faith in his life. He tells us he can´t believe in something that he doesn´t have evidence for. This is true religion. Real faith. If the Book of Mormon could be proved true, then what type of members would we have? Who´s to say they have conviction or a true testimony. Remember Laman and Lemuel saw an angel, yet they still couldn´t believe. It´s quite amazing that faith can be more powerful than vision. I don´t think we quite comprehend and understand the meaning of faith. 

How about that second coming, huh? Let´s prepare ourselves to day. The signs of the times are near complete. Arrepentirse, the day of the Lord is soon. He tells us in the Doctrine and Covenants that He is at the threshold of his coming. That was 200 years ago. 

Well family, I love all of you. If it gets too wicked in the US, the lamanites are blossoming like a rose. Maybe you should join the party. I´m sure Uncle Preston can stay in the US and clean up shop over there.

I´m trying to improve. There are missionaries here that baptize 10 people every month. That day will come, but I have to improve my teachings. Right now we are trying to get 2 or so a month. I am truly blessed to be in such a successfull part of the world. Really the numbers don´t matter, and if anything lasting conversion is hard to install here. Nearly everybody was once acquainted with the church or was baptized.

Take care, and much love.
-Elder Christian Jacobsen


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