Email #18

Hey family, how`s it going over there in them states? I can`t believe Thanksgiving is this week. I completely forgot. Maybe you can send me a fried turkey in the mail, if you`re really up to it. 

Well.. this week went good. We dished out 39 lessons this week. I think that`s pretty good. Not very sure, but we were working it. We have 2 dates for baptism. One is on the 30th of November, and the other is Dec 2. We`re baptizing a 9 year old lad, and then we`re baptising the Franklin on the 2nd. 

Hey, I read that letter with that story the Presiding Bishop told.  Mom, I`m glad you found peace. Often times our perspective doesn`t match that of the Lords, and when those two aren`t in allign our spirit slips. There`s that phrase in the D&C 4, with the eye single in the glory of God. That means that we must try to see situations, ourselfs, and others, as God sees them. That really is key to have the spirit, I believe.
Maybe this story will increase your desire to take JP fishing.

I was thinking this week of those children of yours, and I had a thought. As a young boy, I always prayed. If you remembered I would wear baseball caps everywhere, and  praying became such a habit that I would unconsciously throw my hand up to remove a hat that wasn`t there throughout the day. I prayed to catch more fish, I prayed for everything. That really grew my relationship with God more than anything. Teach the kids literally to pray always. Reading the scriptures, and praying at early ages influence there relationship with God more than anything.

Our investigator Franklin already finished reading the Book of Mormon. He`s been an investigator for about 2 weeks. He`s starting over. Some of the missionaries out here havent read the Book of Mormon coming into the field. With all the darkness, confusion, and evil in this world, members cannot afford to not read the Book of Mormon every day. Every day. There are investigators reading the entire book in 2 weeks. Let’s go! 

I got those pics from Kate. She is getting super pretty. Tell her to calm down. 
That`s exciting about Matt Mauldwin. Lima Peru is super legit. I`m pretty sure that`s were Jorden Mortensen went. 
If you ever get a chance, send me a long sleeve shirt. The ones I have are all for midgets, but`s its all good. Don`t worry about it, just the next time you send something.

Well family, I love you all. Let me know if you need anything.
Peace, love…
-Elder Jacobsen




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