Email #19 and a Crazy Picture With a Shaved Dog

Buenas dias familia, 

gracias para toda, Tuvimos una buen dia de gracias… pero yo quiero la comida de mi mama… tal ves puede mandarme pavo.
Hey family. Happy thanksgiving. I forgot it was thanksgiving, but the good news is that we have dinner with some of the members this week. I plan to stuff myself with tortillas, beans, and rice. Maybe they´ll have some turkey. That is still up to debate.
We do have many things to be thankful for. Remember mom, Hillary Clinton is not the president. Rejoice.
This week went well. We found some new positive investigators. We got this investigator named Johny. I call him Johnny Boy. He´ll be baptized.
We´re baptizing two this upcoming week, Joseph and Franklin. Joseph is 9 years old, and he is a great kid. He has gone to church by himself for the past 4 months. His parents aren´t members… his mom is a hard core Jehovah´s Witness. On a side note, there are a ton of those here. The missionary work of those people will never cease to amaze me. Why are you preaching, if you are lessening your chance of being one of the 144,000. They don´t know what to say. 
I´ve been focusing a lot this week on making compromisos, or commitments. As a missionary, our duty is to call people unto repentance. I have earned a somewhat of a reputation around here for using the machete. If a person is fornicating, or indulging in sin, I tell them that they are in direct defiance with God. They did that in the scriptures, so I suppose that´s the way it should be. Of course, you must balance it with love, but we must reprove sharply, so that they can correct themselves afterwards. I just have to work on the love part.
Literally, comittments are how we call people to repentance. You can not stop a person from drinking unless you first invite him to do so. You cannot baptize anyone unless you invite them to do so. Nobody will ever change any conduct in their behavior unless they are first invited to do so. This is a committment. Invite, promise blessings, then testify. It´s quite effective. Our zone has the most lessons with members in the mission, yet we aren´t ranked among the highest in baptism. This is only a problem with the teachings, and the committments.
My spanish is improving… on a scale of 1-10, I´ve been told I speak a 3. Nice. Better than a 2.9.
Other than that, I am doing well. I am healthy, haven´t been sick the entire time. We´re finding people to teach, and we´re trying to tear it up.
If you want to find something to do, I would recommend contacting the missionaries and giving them references. Become one of those families that the missionaries love to use. Have lessons with people in your home. Do work. Nothing makes a missionary happier than receiving references from a member and teaching in their home.
Also, something cool to study in your personal study, I was reading about the 7 seals in revelations. If we study this deeply, it is amazing to think how close the second coming is. Literally, those seals have corresponded well and accurately to every thousand years in history. The fifth seal was the atonement of Christ in year 34, the sixth during the reformation around 1000…. just waiting for the millenium to begin, I imagine. This means we must run. If you don´t know what team you´re on, decide and never go back. Luke warm people never made the cut. 
Love you family, take care of the kids and do work over there in the states. I love you all.
Elder Christian Jacobsen. PS: didn´t get the package yet, but probably this wednesday. The closer to Christmas the better, that thing will be a stewing temptation until the 25th. 
Don´t mind the shirtlessness… I shaved my neighbors dog as a joke. Hopefully he didn´t mind.




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