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Email #23

Thank you parents. It was great to see you again. It really did feel weird. I can´t quite describe it, but I felt like I was speaking through a portal into a different world.
I really do appreciate everything you´ve ever done for me. You have prepared me to the best that a parent could do. You have given me everything. I would say I will give you everything in return, but that would be bypassing an essential step. I will give the Lord everything. Thank you for everything you have ever done for me. Have a great holiday season.
I hope you all enjoy that nice big hd picture of uncle prep´s fanny on big screen.

Love you all.

Hey that thing with the 3:16 is from jon. Please send that picture to them and give them my love and gratitude.





Email #22

still not registering the whole niece thing. Who is this baby my mother holds in these pictures? It won´t come until I get home, but I loved the pictures. Keep them coming.
This week was a good one. We baptized this girl named Bethsaida. She´s 17 or so, and her dad is a member, so we added to her family.
Well to start out, I think a good lesson on the faith to find or to do whatever was learned this week. I started the area out with a goal to baptize 5 this month. It really is funny how Satan works… He puts a little doubt there in your mind, or he tries to get you to settle for contentment. Yesterday I was walking, thinking… Well we will have 4 baptisms this month, that´s pretty good. Our goal was 5, but hey, that´s pretyy…..stop.
You can´t settle for being content. No, the goal was five. We have to complete. I remembered this little boy named Walter, his mom is a member and he hasn´t been baptized yet. I went over to his place and asked him how he felt about it, and he´s been wanting to be baptized for a while. We put a date with him for the 30th, and that will complete our goal for 5. The mind of God does not contain doubt. Perhaps we should not settle for barriers, or for contentment. As far as I am concerned, that is a way to give power to Satan. Push through it, and serve only one master. How about we just serve the master that wins in the end? Sounds simple enough to me.
I do hope I don´t sound too caught up on numbers. We must remember them as a way to reference how many people we are helping. It´s an interesting but fundamental realization that we must retain.
I am excited for Christmas. I can´t wait to open that stinking package. It just sits there… that ole´ devil.
We have a Christmas activity in the mission on the 20th, so it´s tomorrow. I´m going to play the guitar in the talent show while one of my buddies sings. We´re going to play “why georgia” by John Mayer.
The area is legit. I do like this area, and I´ll be content if I can stay here for the rest of the mission. I do believe I have the best aspects of El Salvador here. There´s a beach, it´s pretty nice, the weather is like Florida… It´s just a nice place.
There is this really cool family in our area. The wife is an El Salvadoranian, and her husband lives in St. George. He is deaf, and she communicates to him with sign language. It´s really quite the couple. She´s getting baptized next month. She only needs to wait for her husband to come down from Utah to baptize her. He works up there for a few months, then he comes down.
Well, during this time of year we must rededicate ourselves more firmly to what the savior has done for us. The true definition of a Christian can be found by reading Mark 8:34-35. I pray that we all do that to the best of our ability. Remember that taking up the cross of Jesus Christ, does not only mean that we should help Him. Taking up His cross is hard, it literally means we must be willing to carry the possibility of a physical death in order to follow Him. We must be willing to stand up for any manner of persecution, we must be willing to lay our lives down, suffer for Him, do any manner of things… so long as we follow Him.
Remember the sacrifice He made. Read 3 Nephi 27, especially versus 14 and onward. Understand why He came, then adjust the way you live your life, in order to better show your appreciation for the sacrifice He made.
The spanish is improving. I am content with the progress. I don´t get too many headaches anymore, and the translating within the brain has just about ceased to exist. It just happens over time. I can´t quite explain, but eventually the hill is overbound, then you can focus on improving the language instead of understanding it.
Well family, love you all
Take care
Elder Jacobsen




Email #21 and some fun pictures!

READ the EMAIL first before trying to understand what this picture is doing on here:



IMG_0148Hello familia,
Hey… I got the package. Don´t you worry about it.

I´m saving it until Christmas, because I don´t want to ruin my Christmas I reckon. How is it going? I don´t think I have registered that I am an uncle. I probably won´t for 2 years.

I´m sending some pictures to all of you. I sent a gem. Everybody wears English shirts down here, but nobody knows what they say. I had to sneak this picture. I really hope you appreciate it. It´s quite the gem. The other pictures are some pictures in the area.

It´s called Acajutla. It´s on the coast or corner of El Salvador. You should google Earth it if you can. It´s super hot and humid. I´d say it feels like Florida, but seeing that Florida is probably getting a little chilly I won´t make that comparison. The streets are all cobblestone, and it is pretty nice for El Salvador. I´d say it is the most wanted area in the mission. I am quite grateful. El Salvador is a lot like Florida. Just picture Florida with mountains, rocks, and more tropical plants….and lots of chickens.

My companion is Elder Guerrero. Pres put me as senior companion, so I have to tend to the boy. I cannot say anything negative, but I am having to put forth a good example. Enough said at that. It helps me be better.

We arrived Wednesday, and so I started out putting dates for baptism. We put 3 for this month. Hopefully all the dates stand. The goal is 5, but we will see what we can do.

I do believe that the biggest lie concocted among the latino population is that Joseph Smith is our God, that the church is ourselves, and something about the Santa Maria. We will see what we can do. Expounding one false doctrine one at a time.

The area is still a little confusing. It´s a bit like a maze. I haven´t mentally figured out the directions yet, but once I do it will be easier to work with.

How´s the family doing? Getting ready for Christmas? We have a big mission Christmas activity on the 20th, so we´ll see how that goes. It should be fun.

Let´s see….Lessons I´m learning.

The definition of Christianity. I´d say true Christianity, to the core, is the decision to abandon everything for the God who created us. To deny all, and be willing to put everything on the line for the Lord. Whoever will go after Him, must be willing to take up His cross and not look back. I have been reading the book, Jesus the Christ, and I have been loving it. I´m hitting about page 350 after one week of reading. I would recommend it to everyone, especially you, mom, who are teaching seminary. It is a great read, and will explain every evidence and appearance of Jesus Christ in the New Testament.

I believe there are 2 conversions in every member. The first comes when we are baptized, or when we pray about the Book of Mormon for the first time. We receive a knowledge that the church in general, has been truly restored by the prophet Joseph Smith, and that the book of mormon is a true evidence of Jesus Christ.

The second: some members never find it. Some will discover it, but do not have the heart to accept it. This is an excruciating process, but if successful, brings sainthood. It defines a saint. It is the difference between an exalted being, and an inheriter of the Celestial kingdom. This comes when we give everything to the Lord. Everything. We literally consecrate our lives to Him. We have covenanted to consecrate our time talents, and thoughts to Him, but are we really doing it? Do we really comprehend that we are on Earth in the service of God? No, but that can be changed.

The excruciating part comes from the influence of Satan. There must be an overcoming. There must be a complete separation of power from Him, to the Lord. Yet Satan knows our weakness, and he has been well practiced in his art throughout the history of all time. So…good luck.

I love you family, times up.

-Elder Jacobsen

First Transfer

hey, just sending a short email to let you know that my days of writing will be on wednesdays now, so dont freak out when you dont get anything on monday. I got transferred to a new area in Sonsanate. The name of the place is Acajulta. It`s right on the beach. The pres sent me to the best place on the map! I`m a lucky dude. Talk to you Monday. The comp is another latino, doing well
Elder Jacobsen