Email #20 and some pictures

What the.
I´m and UNCLE? Uncle Jacobsen. Reckon. That´s awesome. Isn´t she a little earlier than expected? This is great! I´m glad she is healthy and fine.
Still haven´t received the big package yet. I´ll probably get it on Wednesday, I´m thinking.
But hey, I do have some big news.  ME VOY. I´m getting changed this Wednesday. There´s no telling where I´m going to go. I´ve been in area Colon.. yes colon, for the past two changes, and I´m going to go somewhere else this Wednesday. I´m pretty excited.
We baptized two people this week. We baptized Joseph, who is 9, and Franklin, who is 34. Baptizing Franklin was probably the best experience I will have. He is a prime example of Alma the Younger. He has been through absolutely everything. The man was in prison for 7 years, and can´t ever return to the United States. Don´t worry mom, he´s a good man, and only weighs 125.
The point is, he is the most powerful convert I have ever seen. On the way to the baptism font, he just stopped in the hall and cried for a few seconds until he was ready to get in. After he was baptized, he just laughed, started praising God, and was as happy as ever. Franklin, once the worst of sinners, is now the most perfect man on Earth. You could feel it in the ordinance, the holy spirit of promise. I´m glad I could participate in that.
Speaking of those who were prepared beforehand,
we found a new investigator this week, his name is Max. Max lived in the US for a number of years as well. Three years ago Max had a dream in the US that two angels clothed in white would show up at his house in El Salvador, and they would guide him on the path to eternal life. He let us in his door that day because of our white shirts. The thing is, at the time he had this dream, he was living in the United States, and so he came back to El Salvador to open up this opportunity. He came to church yesterday, and he has a baptismal date for the 16th of December. People are prepared. I kind of doubted that when I arrived, but yes, we are finding many like that. About every week we are finding about one investigator, pure gold. It´s nice to find people like that. People like that don´t even require good teaching, they do everything just to find the truth.
Moments like this should strengthen our faith in Jesus Christ. We should be stronger members, more willing to do the will of the Lord and give everything unto Him. In reality, you can only serve two masters. Choose who you serve, and throw yourself, all of yourself over there. Serve only God. Give Him all of you. The Lord wants hot or cold, luke’warm people never made any difference in the world. As far as I´m concerned, history books only contain two types of people; the extremely wicked, or the extremely good. Both make differences. How about we do the world a favor, and throw all of ourself to this good side? If everyone good make such a difference, then maybe the world could change. Then, there wouldn´t be room on the news for the bad people…. and maybe we might have a good president.

Other than that… HAPPY BIRTHDAY JESSICA! I can imagine that this is quite the day for you! I´m glad everything turned out. Congratulations.




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