Email #24

Sorry for the delay,
Hey family, I think they moved our day to Thursday now. I´m not sure, but expect either of the two.
We baptized three on the last Sunday. Rosy and Carlos, a family, and then Argelia. It was a good service. We lacked help of the members, but all in all it happened.
The area is good. I put another date for baptism for the 15. We have this 9 yr old boy that´s part of a part-member family. His name is Walter. The struggle right now is finding people to teach. I have so much to improve, and I need to work with the members more, but we´ll see how it goes. We do have a couple prospects. There are two families that we are trying to teach. One of the families needs to get married, but they are willing to attend church, and the other family is married and need a desire to send church. A mixture of the two would be nice.
The News Years was a bit hard to work with. Nobody was in their house, and nobody was really willing to hear missionaries that day. Every here buys fire crackers and they throw them all over the place. News Years day sounded like a war-zone. At 12am I woke up because it sounded like the house was getting bombed.
Mom… the house… it wasn´t getting bombed.
But man, it sounded like it. There were fireworks everywhere. It reminded me of the story of mom running all over the room when she thought the water-tower was falling.
I got a bunch of dear elders today. Thanks for the letters. I haven´t had time to sit down and read them, but I will shortly. The companion is good. After a good explosion, we are on great terms.
Thanks family for the Christmas box. I´ll never have to buy food again. I will eat candy for the rest of the mission. It´s great! Looks like Jessica and Randall are doing well, I got some pictures from them with the baby.
I do believe that there is something that we must understand about the mission-mantle. The mantle of the missionary calling only strengthens whatever spirit that it contains. We all know there are good and bad spirits. There is a spirit of obedience, faith, charity, and all their opposites. The mantle strengthens all of it. It´s like Captain America´s potion deal. What is good becomes better, and bad… worse. That´s why missionaries get sent home for committing sin, and why little Moroni gets sent out and returns like a boss. I literally feel like I´m in a bubble. Constantly aware of my thoughts, and how I´m doing what I should be doing. I have had to make some changes in the way I think. Looking back, I can honestly say that I was not even close to being fully converted to the gospel. I will never be because it is a forever ongoing process. If we assume we are fully converted, we can give Satan power because we quit trying. Siempre felices, nunca contentas. Always happy, never content. I came on the mission for the wrong reasons, and I have spent much much time trying to repent and retain only the best of the spirit.
I think there is something that Satan is using today that only the parents are aware of. It is sly and cunning, and only a wise old codger like Satan could conjure this garbage up. It is the constant need to be plugged in. It is the constant need to feed your mind with white-noise so that he pulls you away without you realizing it. Just nothing thoughts. He fills our minds with nothing, so that eventually we can become nothing but ingorant pieces of self-satisfying matter. Here in the mission I had a huge wake-up call. I had nothing to think about. No real thoughts. No goals, or no real desires. Not a purpose. Read Mosiah 5.13.(“For how knoweth a man the master who he has not served, and who is a stranger unto him, and is far from the thoughts and intents of his heart?”) Satan´s plan is to destract us from the work of the Lord. Youth need to be careful to keep themselves unplugged. Toss aside these tools that Satan has created to make us ¨lovers of our own selves, rather than lovers of God.¨ We only worship God, and if we don´t, we will never last. Unplug yourself for awhile, and really realize who you are and what you are becoming. If people focus only on seeking a boost of confidence by seeing how many people liked a dang status, or how many people did whatever… they will never find it. No man has ever found lasting confidence in worshipping anything else than the living God.

I love you family. The mission is an amazing time. I will love and serve God forever because of it. Didn’t get the other package yet, but is should come soon.
Love you all.
Peath out.

This is for JP,
What´s up J-Pizzle mah nizzle? How´s it going bud? I hope everything is going well for you in Florida. How´s football, do you play football…..? Are you killing any hogs? You´re a good kid. Read your scriptures buddy.






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