Email #25

Este semana fue en poco chafa. Right now… couldn´t say that we have any progressing investigators. However, through repentance and new plans, we are changing the way we tackle the area.
I have abolished knocking doors–it seems like a waste of time, and unless I have to fill in 10 minutes, it´s a waste.
What we have come up with is a new plan to find families to teach. I found a list of all the members in the ward, and I´m going to visit 3 or 4 every day and ask for references. While in their house, we give a proclamation of the family to them, and ask them to give it to a family that they know. We started doing this yesterday, so the fruits of our labors are still unknown. We had a family go to church last week. What holds them back from being baptized is that they are unmarried, and not willing to marry.
Just to inform, there will be changes next Wednesday, so I will write Monday. I don´t know who´s getting shipped out yet, but I´m fairly certain I´m going to stay.

Sorry I don´t have any pictures to send, not anything too exciting happened this week. I did get the Christmas card. That was exciting. Maybe I will take a picture of that. I haven´t received the package yet. Maybe someone took it and made off with some new white church shirts… and random family pictures.

The Uno card game is a hit. It wakes us up in the morning, and caps off the day in the night. That game is just a beaut.

I can´t stress enough the need for fervent scripture study and prayer. What the scriptures and prayer do, is they expel deception and help us to see and understand things more clearly. That really is all I pray for. I teach so many people that are lost. There are some that believe the strangest things. Yet, in their mind, they believe they are perfectly correct. I believe only repentance, prayer, and scripture study can really help us see things clearly.
If a person thinks they don´t have need to repent–he has deceived himself. I never understood the power of repentance until the mission. There is a definite cleansing, and purifying power that comes from it. If you are not doing it sincerely every day, then you are wasting many precious moments of a life that you can have if you repent.
A good example, this week I met a man named Elijah–he claims he’s the prophet. This man… he knows all of the Bible. He is more knowleagable than most of the best scriptorians that I know. He believes there is a need for the Restoration, for he has
recognized it in the Bilble, yet he is deceived. He believes that the spirit of Elijah has rested upon him and that he was sent to the world “to turn the hearts of the Father to the children.” He asked me if I knew about this verse…(from Malachi) and I started pulling out the Doctrine and Covenants, and an image of the painting when Elijah appeared to Joseph Smith. Nope… Didn´t buy it. He said that Elijah was here… In El Salvador.. Right in front of me.

Things with my companion are better. Just like training a horse. He doesn´t talk to me much, but neither does my horse.

Well, I love you family. Take care. I hope the new baby girl is growing. She´s going to grow up and be a power house. She´s got that name Holland.
Love you all….
Fill me in on new mission calls. I hear Jerrick got reassigned to Fortworth, TX.

Peace out,
Elder Jacobsen


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