Email #26

Hey family, I don´t have much time and the internet isn´t working. But,
I have changes tomorrow and I´m staying in Acajutla. I´m training, so
I´ll have a new companion tomorrow. We´ll see how it goes.

Then an hour later we received this email and some pictures:

I´m sorry, but the internet is just a fail today. I´m trying to send
pics, so we´ll see if it works. The change just kind of went up in
flames. The 2 mexicans in our house want out! My companion.. all is well.
This jedi is about to take upon himself a new padawan. He will be the
chosen one, and will bring balance to the force. We are teaching a
family of 4. Family Aguilar. They are all positive and are working on
putting a date in February.

We are expecting mail this week, so I´ll know if I get that package
then. I am excited to train. I will install the toughest of work
ethic, and destroy every ounce of satan in this boy. “I will make his
intrails his extrails… there will be pain. Lots of pain.”
No, I am excited though. This will be a good opportunity. A lot of the
trainers train for a long time during there mission, so this might
start a long train of training. “Just call me Uri… the trainer who
trains.” I have got to go now, but just know I live and I´ll talk to you all
Love Elder Jacobsen


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