Email #27

Hey family,
Thanks for the letters. I have not received the package yet because I´m getting my mail tomorrow. This week has been going swell. We´ve been finding alot of sucess as we´ve been working with the members full-time. It was one of the more sucessfull weeks that I´ve had in the mission. With the members working with us like bosses, they bring all the investigators to church Sunday morning, so it´s making the work pretty easy. We keep the schedule busy by going with members during free-time to ask for references, and then we contact references during the other hours. It is working very well, and I do believe I will do the same my entire mission.
The companion is great. He´s 22 years old, and he´s a convert of about 2 years. He´s always happy and positive and talks all day long, so it´s nice. I just listen. It does make me think, most of the most powerful missionaries in the field are the converts. Most of us have been members all of our life, and I think we need to constantly be checking to see if we are slipping below the potential, or the line of gratitude that we should be showing.
We´re teaching a family of four who´s progressing, a family of 5 (still new), and we´re baptizing a son of a part-member family of 14. The son is 35 years old and has a baptismal date for the 3rd of February.
El salvador never ceases to amaze me. It is just one of a kind. The other day we were walking down the street next to a soccer field, and I looked in the soccer field and saw a large family of chickens just strolling on through. Only in El Salvador. Yesterday we were teaching the father of the family of four. He´s a big, jolly man, and he sits in his hammock all day long. We were helping him say the closing prayer, and my companion said in third person to help “Please help me to be able to go to church this sunday…” The man thought for a while, and then he chuckled and said “Please… bless them that they will be able to go to church this Sunday,” and then he added “and bless the hammock that it won´t break.” There are just funny things going on over here.
I went on splits with the ZL´s this week, and it was good to see how those Elders are working. They do splits in the mission so the elders can learn from the techniques of the other missionaries. One of them is from VA and lives up by the smithfield food slaughterhouse.
What´s going on with Randall, and what is shingles? Is that temporary, or some life-long disease? How´s that baby doing?
I was thinking the other day about all the times that those missionaries came to our house…. Now that I´m a missionary, I realize that they came to get references. That is always the goal in hand, but they do so by gaining the confidence of the member by teaching the family. They always added casually at the end…”So… you guys have anyone that could benefit from this message?….”
Missionaries leave feeling there time wasn’t well spent. Always give references, and if you don´t want to, read Romans 1:16, repent, and then give your reference. We are counseled to work through the members, but that can´t be done unless the members are willing to help. We fight for the same time, and every member has a friend that needs help.
Another thought I’ve had is about what damnation really means. It means limiting yourself. Damnation only means a stopping of your progression. If nobody wants to go to Hell, then why do we resort to Hell during our Earthly life? Why we are on Earth, we have every right to go as far as we want, but the only thing stopping us is our decisions. We shouldn’t damn ourselves while we have the choice. Make the choice to go infinitely forward, in this life and in the life to come. Literally every man has every right in the world to become perfect in this life, but our progress is only impeded by sin. It says Jesus grew in stature and knowledge, not Jesus was born perfectly knowledgeable. He made himself perfect because his resistence to sin. Truly, he is the son of God and had inherent characteristics of Godliness, but still had all the right in the world to sin… and we know this because Satan tried to tempt him, and Jesus left “triumphantly.”
In the pictures I have a sleeping man in a hammock, my buddy Jared Keuttel, the Assistent and I (Elder Zepeda), and me killing another pig.
Take care family,
Elder Jacobsen


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