Email #28

Hey I got the first package with the pics and the shirts, so thank you very much. The family looks great. I think I lost all my muscle or something because I thought I had an older brother or something looking at those pics. Made me chuckle a little bit. Kate´s getting super pretty. You better look out.
This week was great. We didn´t get any baptized in January, but we´re expecting a lot this month in February. We´re baptizing a guy this Sunday named Lionel. He was a drunk for many years of his life, and it´s nice to see a real repentant person. He progressed faster than any convert I´ve ever seen. I think we starting teaching him about 2 and a half weeks ago. There´s a family of 4 that we´re teaching as well. The two sons will be baptized on the 10th, and we´re working with the parents right now. There´s another lady named Teresa. Her husband, who was a member, died about 3 weeks ago of cancer. Right now, she wants to do everything she can to learn about the gospel and to find out about the religion of her husband. Really, the success of any lesson depends on the way you start it. One must apply to the desires of the person, and the rest follows. I was praying, trying to know how to begin, and we just promised her that she would be able to live with her husband if she followed the gospel of Jesus Christ. She has a deep hunger, and she scoops of everything we give her. You know they´re positive when a person asks, “How soon can I be baptized?” Vamos pues.
Elder Contreras is doing well. He´s a great missionary. He´s a 22 yr old convert, he´s always happy, and he is always telling me some sort of story. Can´t say I understand all the time, but it is all good. He´s a fun person of good temperament. I still don´t know much about being a missionary, but what I do know is that we need to teach people and not lessons. The minute a missionary starts reciting some rote memorization, the spirit of the room changes, and the investigator puts up a wall. The same type of wall that is put up when people are trying to sell stuff at the doorstep.
If we teach the person that we are here to improve their lives with the gospel, then the topic that the church was restored in order to have the gospel, follows. Dive for the core, and I do believe that´s what makes changes. Anywhere in the scriptures teaches that missionaries should preach nothing but repentance and baptism. Well, in order to be baptized, you must be in the right church. The mission president teaches that the focus and central of every lesson should be the doctrine of Christ. Teaching the word of wisdom leads persons to repentance, which is an aspect of the gospel. Teaching superficially is not working with the spirit.

My comp and I are moving into a new house on Monday. It´s brand-new, and nobody´s every used it. I´m pretty excited for that.

Best scripture thought of the week is in Alma 5. These are the questions of conversion. Alma 5:35-41.This talks about the voice of the good shepherd. If we aren´t listening to Christ, then we´re following the Devil. What we don´t realize is Christ only has one voice, and the Devil has millions. Any desire outside anything of serving God is a desire sent forth by the Devil. Read Moroni 7:16-17 to be able to judge. There is only one path to follow, and endless ways to fall off. We need to be careful and repent every day to make sure we´re staying humble and strong.
Thanks for the packages and pictures. Those almonds are excellent.
Dad, thank you for the letters. I haven´t read them yet, but I will be sure to respond.
Thank you,
and I love you all family.
-Elder Jacobsen.


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