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Email #32

Sorry if the email is short, im going to write grandpa..

Quick descriptions of the pictures: baptism of Teresa, baptisms of Javier and Erick, chilling in the hammocks… and my new clothes. I spent about 2 bucks a pop. My shirts and pants have been too big the whole mission, so I hired this great latina here to fix them up for me. The other is in an empty zombie town.. no one lived there.
This week was great. I am coming to realize that anything other than complete reliance on the Lord is just unacceptable. I know I will never find baptism-worthy investigators without His divine help. I will do everything I can do to find them, but I know it is God that sends them. Yesterday, I was waiting outside of the church to start my English classes. This 20 year old man arrived on his bicycle, and proceeded to tell me of how he didn`t want to live anymore. He started crying and said he needed a teacher to bring him to God. Well… we’ve got what you need. This other guy who lived in the states found me and told me to come visit him.
Good week. Although I`m getting a little tired of babysitting, but I realize that in order to get any work done we need to work with what we’ve got here…so babysitting may be necessary. I`ll just nod and keep the head down and keep plowing. The Lord grants blessings to those who have pure desires and diligence.

Email #31

Hello family,
This week was good. We baptized this lady named Teresa. Her husband died of cancer in January, and she ate up everything we taught her. Right now we´re teaching her daughters, Flor and Evelyn. They are interested as well in what we´re teaching and accpeted a day to be baptized in March. We haven´t found too many new people to teach, but we´re working with the families that we have, teaching the daughters, or the parents. This Sunday we´re going to baptize Javier and Erick; the parents will follow later once we can get them married. Lots of fornication going on in these parts.
I got that package, thank you. I was very excited to see the ties that came, and happy to see all the christmas cards. The Christmas card with the skunkape in the background had the whole zone rolling on the floor in laughter. Who are they? That picture was so excellent.
What´s going on with Grandpa? Is he doing ok?
I´m happy that Kate decided to go on a mission. If you will, tell her to wait to go after I get home. I will be married by the time she gets back, I reckon. I am getting home the 24th of July I believe, but put her date for August so that we can chill for a week. She´ll not want to wait, but the summer doesn´t mean anything. June to August is all one date. She´s not going to miss anything important if she comes home late.
The mission is good, the house is great… Everything is going well. I´ve entered the rapid time fly of the mission. I love every part, and it seems like one giant day rolling by.
I can honestly say that everything good that will come in my life will be a result of my mission. To think I was converted or had any knowledge of the gospel before my mission would be a complete lie in comparison to how I feel now.
The mission is super busy. As uncle Preston would say, I´m as busy as a one legged man in a butt kicking contest over here. We wake up at 6, study at 7-10. We study more. Then we leave and teach until 9 pm. At 930 or 10 we´re done planning, I take a shower and then to bed. I don’t write in my journal much. I imagine I should improve that.

My advice for Kate: study the mission lessons and highlight every times it mentions the Gospel. The word Gospel. Understand lesson 3, and how it is really the center of everything we do in the church. Returning with God is the very core of everything we do. We can do this by taking advantage of the atonement. We take advantage of the atonement by living the gospel of Jesus Christ, which involves faith, repentance, baptism, confirmation and enduring to the end.
Got to go family, thank you for the support, the letters, and ties.. I will reply hand written this monday.
Love you all,
Elder Christian Jacobsen

Email #30

Hello family,
This week was super chivo. Super cool. We had a bunch of lessons and all with members, we put a bunch of baptismal dates and missionary stuff. We have three baptisms set for this Sunday: two brothers and a mother of a different family. The following week we are hoping the parents can get baptized and some other people. Thanks for the letters and the pictures. The pictures of the baby look good. Looks like Jessica is a little more healthier. She was looking a little weak in some of those past photos.
Kate got best smile… that orthodontist did work. He was doing something right. Kate also got into ID. Well, we know she´s shipping out this August, so I bet she can relax a little bit.
Hey dad, there´s this missionary out here named Elder Bockelman, or Ashton Bockelman. He´s very interested in the ranch and might go out there to visit after the mission. He´s my Zone leader, and is a super hard worker. He´s interested in a job, and if he goes out there, give him a consideration. He finishes his mission in the end of march.
I sent some excellent pictures. One of them portrays the classic colored house in El Salvador. One is with a girl that lives here. If you zoom in you can see a big birth defect on her neck. She´s the sweetest thing ever. Those kids with defects like that always have a special spirit about them.
The mission is great. I sent you guys some cards yesterday, so who knows when they´ll arrive. The lady said 8 days. The spanish is good. Everything is floating together and things are racing by. I feel like I write emails every day. The weeks pass like days, and the changes like weeks. I already passed 7 months, and I can hardly believe it.
We teach English classes twice a week here. That´s always a great occasion to look forward to. I don´t think I can teach them anything, but people show up. There has been 1 that went to church for our efforts. For the least, there are fruits of this labor.
The pic of Jp had me giggling. Ole´black bart himself. I remember going through a stage like that. The george strait stage. Just playing the guitar and painting fake mustaches.
I can´t believe you are grandpas now. What´s going on?
How are the seminary kids? Get those kids reading the scriptures. Even kids that read everyday won´t be strong enough in the future. They have to start learning how to mark, or take notes… have a study journal. Randall started me on my own book of revelations. It is becoming one of my favorite things to have. The more you write things down, the more you have.
One problem that I had before the mission was confusing revelation with your own thoughts. The two are inseperable once you can understand. Satan can tweak things to make thoughts seem like revelation, and lead you carefully away. However, the spirit of revelation is different. D&C 8:2-3. The Lord will speak to your mind and heart. Revelation goes to the heart. It enlightens and edifies. It clears the mind and casts out darkness. I can guarantee if you sit there wondering if it was revelation… you can know it wasn´t. You won´t argue or question it.

Love you all family,
Elder Jacobsen.

Email #29

Hey parents, thanks for the letters and the emails. I really do enjoy the pictures. Those cinnamon almonds. Those are money. Those things are so good. I forgot about the sheer splendor of those bad boys.

This week was good. We baptized a guy on Sunday. We will try to get 7 more this month, but I don´t know how likely that will be. There are 7 possibilities, and if everything works out, then we will baptize 7 more this month. We´ll just pray for the best. This week was super busy too. We had to move houses, go to San Salvador to fix my comp´s residential papers, go to Santa Ana for a meeting, and with Pday and all, we haven´t had much time to get a ton of work done. Whatever work you lack during the day affects your success three weeks in advance. We´ll try and really go hard to make sure that we don´t slump in the future.
Some funny things that happened this week: I sprayed ketchup all over myself in a burger place. The ketchup dispenser was clogged, and when it came out it squirted straight on my shirt. That was just a beaut. Later, my plaque fell off in the bus. For the remaining days until I got a new plaque, I went around as my companion Elder Contrerar. He had two… I lost two. Go figure. We were Elder Contreras. That was the best companionship unity I´ve had my whole mission.
We moved into a new house this week. It´s super nice, and I´ll send some pictures. Maybe it´s not super nice, but my perspective of a super nice house is very different now than before. I´ll let you be the judge, but as far as El Salvador is concerned, it is nice.
Going into San Salvador is a very interesting experience. El Salvador suffers economically, but when you enter San Salvador it´s like a new country. It´s very modern, and nicer than some of the big cities in the US. The temple is right in the middle, and is seen by everyone passing on the major highway. There are quite a few white guys over there starting and having their own businesses. You could make it big down here with a good degree from the states. Don´t worry. I will not move to San Salvador.
The mission is excellent. I would strongly encourage everyone to go. I can honestly say that personal progression, spiritualwise, speeds up ten times faster. This is all you think about. You read the gospel in the morning, and you teach it during the day. I cannot understand the lazy missionaries. It´s like failing a class in high school. You have to try to lose your focus. It’s hard to think about home when all you´re doing is being a missionary.
It is super nice to have time just to think all day. I think we build up these false reliances on objects to the point that we need them to function. It´s really nice to get real again. Music is even starting to get annoying. I´m going to be such a weird person when I get home, I reckon.
I´ve been thinking a lot about secondary sources, or beating around the bush. Things like that. Too many missionaries come out because they have stupid or selfish reasons for coming. I am no exception. Much repentace was made. Say for example, you want to serve your family. What´s the higher motive? What is the most raw reason for having to do what you´re doing? Serve God, then any other motive you had will fulfill itself. It´s the same with teaching. Teach the people to repent, and then they´ll stop drinking. Trying to get a person to stop drinking by teaching them to stop drinking is somewhat shallow and superficial. Find the most core motive, and teach them that. This principle applies with anything in life. I do believe that is why when Jesus was asked, “What is the greatest commandment?” He said, “thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all they heart, might, mind, and strength.” If you can do that with all honesty, then everything else follows.
President´s really cracked down on the missionaries. Not many are teaching the way Preach my Gospel says to teach. For this, every missionary had to be certified to teach. They had to demonstrate to the Zone Leaders, that they could teach all the doctrine with sciptures, testimony, commitments, and questions. It went well. Not too many passed, but it was good for the mission to do. Preach my Gospel is an amazing book. If an incoming missionary could learn all the lessons in chapter 3 excellently, they will be way ahead in the field. Chapter 10 is also excellent.

How´s seminary going, mom? How many kids do you have in there?

Tell Jp, I love him. He´s a good little man. Get him reading those scrips. Those pictures you sent, mom, were excellent. Thank you. Mary looks so much older. Lizzie too. They all do. Cub is looking good and healthy. He looks more like a labrador than Bear did. He´s getting a good square head, and is super trim.
I hope the best. Enjoy the pictures.
Have a great week.