Email #31

Hello family,
This week was good. We baptized this lady named Teresa. Her husband died of cancer in January, and she ate up everything we taught her. Right now we´re teaching her daughters, Flor and Evelyn. They are interested as well in what we´re teaching and accpeted a day to be baptized in March. We haven´t found too many new people to teach, but we´re working with the families that we have, teaching the daughters, or the parents. This Sunday we´re going to baptize Javier and Erick; the parents will follow later once we can get them married. Lots of fornication going on in these parts.
I got that package, thank you. I was very excited to see the ties that came, and happy to see all the christmas cards. The Christmas card with the skunkape in the background had the whole zone rolling on the floor in laughter. Who are they? That picture was so excellent.
What´s going on with Grandpa? Is he doing ok?
I´m happy that Kate decided to go on a mission. If you will, tell her to wait to go after I get home. I will be married by the time she gets back, I reckon. I am getting home the 24th of July I believe, but put her date for August so that we can chill for a week. She´ll not want to wait, but the summer doesn´t mean anything. June to August is all one date. She´s not going to miss anything important if she comes home late.
The mission is good, the house is great… Everything is going well. I´ve entered the rapid time fly of the mission. I love every part, and it seems like one giant day rolling by.
I can honestly say that everything good that will come in my life will be a result of my mission. To think I was converted or had any knowledge of the gospel before my mission would be a complete lie in comparison to how I feel now.
The mission is super busy. As uncle Preston would say, I´m as busy as a one legged man in a butt kicking contest over here. We wake up at 6, study at 7-10. We study more. Then we leave and teach until 9 pm. At 930 or 10 we´re done planning, I take a shower and then to bed. I don’t write in my journal much. I imagine I should improve that.

My advice for Kate: study the mission lessons and highlight every times it mentions the Gospel. The word Gospel. Understand lesson 3, and how it is really the center of everything we do in the church. Returning with God is the very core of everything we do. We can do this by taking advantage of the atonement. We take advantage of the atonement by living the gospel of Jesus Christ, which involves faith, repentance, baptism, confirmation and enduring to the end.
Got to go family, thank you for the support, the letters, and ties.. I will reply hand written this monday.
Love you all,
Elder Christian Jacobsen


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