Email #32

Sorry if the email is short, im going to write grandpa..

Quick descriptions of the pictures: baptism of Teresa, baptisms of Javier and Erick, chilling in the hammocks… and my new clothes. I spent about 2 bucks a pop. My shirts and pants have been too big the whole mission, so I hired this great latina here to fix them up for me. The other is in an empty zombie town.. no one lived there.
This week was great. I am coming to realize that anything other than complete reliance on the Lord is just unacceptable. I know I will never find baptism-worthy investigators without His divine help. I will do everything I can do to find them, but I know it is God that sends them. Yesterday, I was waiting outside of the church to start my English classes. This 20 year old man arrived on his bicycle, and proceeded to tell me of how he didn`t want to live anymore. He started crying and said he needed a teacher to bring him to God. Well… we’ve got what you need. This other guy who lived in the states found me and told me to come visit him.
Good week. Although I`m getting a little tired of babysitting, but I realize that in order to get any work done we need to work with what we’ve got here…so babysitting may be necessary. I`ll just nod and keep the head down and keep plowing. The Lord grants blessings to those who have pure desires and diligence.


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