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Email #36

Hey family
Good week this week. We baptized 2 yesterday. Flor and Evelyn. We were able to put some baptismal dates and kind of get things going again. We slowed down as we were looking for more people, but now some of the older investigators we had are progressing and they want to change. The baptisms were good. My companion was able to dunk a soul for the first time.
My best bud in the mission, Elder Bockelman was able to come for a day. He extended his mission for 2 weeks to help the new kids out. He came to our area. It was his last day today in the mission. His name is Ashton Bockelman, and he will be visiting you all on the ranch shortly. He´s from VA, lived on a ranch, super hard worker, and he´s interested in working down there. Dad, please pay attention when he calls you up. I don´t recommend any old joe to work on the ranch. He´s a good kid, but he has your phone number, so he´ll call within the week I´d imagine. Any ideas on how to make a shirt go white again? I´m starting to advertise cream colored shirts. I´ve tried bleach, and lemons, but it didn´t do anything.
Yesterday with Bockelman we went with one of the wives of a recent convert we´ve had. She didn´t want to accept a baptismal date, but Bockelman worked some magic and she said she’d get baptized as soon as she could. We´re excited for that. She was more focused on her mind than her heart. She wanted to know everything. She wanted to be 100% sure, which is great… But I don´t think it works 100% like that. When Jesus called his disciples he told them to follow Him, and they immediately left their nets. They didn´t say, “Hey… Give me just a minute! Let me be sure that you´re the Son of God.” They left immediately. Another example, when Samuel left, the angel told him to return and preach to the Nephites. He turned back immediately. Often times we delay doing things that we know are right, to be more sure about it. In my opinion, that gives Satan a window to work with you and confuse you in order to prevent you from doing what’s right. For example, the mission. If I wanted to know everything before the mission, I would´ve never left. I could´ve never mastered spanish, and understood the gospel like you can out here. We should not delay doing good things in order to ensure ourselves that they are good. If we know it is the will of God, do it immediately, and leave Him to change you.
Looks like things are going well at home. The kids look good… Cub looks good standing on the table.
I have some pictures here attached. We have a picture of the zone, we have a picture of the comp, we have the baptisms, and Elder Bockelman and I.
In the package… I don´t know. Send me some pics. Send me some pics of the ranch, some of those hogs I killed. Maybe my friends will believe all those crazy stories I tell them.
Thanks family.
Love you all,
Elder Jacobsen

Email #35

Hello Dear family.
Looks like everything over there is going great in Florida. I got a funny picture here. It says: “win a trip to Orlando Florida.” I got a good kick out of it and thought you would appreciate it. The mission and the area are excellent. We are waiting on 5 baptisms in the next few weeks. We have Flor and Evelyn: they are two young sisters and daughters of a recent convert Teresa; Javier and Marleni Aguilar; and Berta Cruz, wife of Gilberto Cruz. The two daughters have a baptism for this Sunday. We have to fix a birth certifcate and marry Javier and Marleni to baptize them, and Berta Cruz wont accept a baptismal date yet. She said she´ll get baptized, but she hasn´t accepted a date yet. We have a trip to the San Salvador temple on the 30th with the investigators, maybe she´ll change her mind when she sees the temple.
This week was a good one. I was pretty sick during the week, but right now I feel great. I must of got some mosquito given disease. I was down for 3 days with the runs, headaches, fever, and chucking up groceries. It was a beauty. All is well now, but it was quite the experience.
We´re teaching this old guy named Salvador. He´s great, but his wife is a nutcase. She can´t hear anything, and when she sees us she yells and says “We´re Catholic! We were born Catholic, married, and will die Catholic!” The husband shakes his head and tells us she´s crazy, we all laugh, and keep teaching. El Salvador. Gotta love it.
Acajutla is excellent. I wouldn´t mind staying here for a good while. I´m starting to become a member of the community. Random people are starting to know me. It´s not a big place… I´d imagine it´s about the size of Milford, but it´s starting to become a home in a sort of way. It´ll be hard to leave when the time comes, but I´ll enjoy it while I can.
Tell Randall and Jessica that I won´t be able to write them an email today, but thanks for the emails. I enjoy all of them. Also, I don´t know why, but I can´t ever seem to keep the address of Anthony Grego. It always goes missing. Please tell him I send my love, and please ask for it again.
It´s great to see some of the fruits of your conversions. Last sunday, one of our recent converts Gilberto Cruz gave the lesson in Gospel Doctrine class. He´s the president now. He´s the most converted baptism I´ve witnessed so far. It was a blessing to be part of it.
The mission is great. It gets better every day. Many elders make the mistake of getting caught up in the whirl-wind of numbers and leadership positions. As nacho says… all the fancy cakes, creams, and lotions. Shove it all under you, enjoy the mission for what you´re doing, and convert people. Do as Jesus did, go preach repentance and baptism. Don´t worry about being obedient, because that should already be expected. Just don´t be stupid. We all wear the Lord´s name, so we will not dishonor it. I like the peace of mind that God has been giving me. As simply as it states in the scriptures: Moroni 9:21″whatsoever thing you ask the father in the name of christ, it shall be given you.” This promise literally applies with everything, in accordance to the faith of the person praying. It says whatsoever thing. I asked God to help me become the best missionary I could become for Him, and it doesn´t come instantly, but it comes more and more. Day by day. Thanks for the experience family. Take care out there on the ranch.
Love, Elder Jacobsen

Email #34

Hey family,
Pretty big change this time around. I`m still in Acajutla… I have a new child named Elder Garcia. They call the new missionaries “sons” because the “father” trains the son in his ways. He`s from Mexico. He looks like a Chinese man. He swears he`s not chinese, but who knows. I`m the district leader over here, which is a change I imagine. Our district, the district Acajutla, has a very good spirit of hard work, and we throwing fire as they call it. Although our district is 1/3 of the zone, we do about half the work. That`s not enough, so we`ll really kick it this week. The district is great though. It`s a fairly young district. It`s 6 missionaries, and there`s only one lazy one, but we can work with that. We all live together in Acajutla, so we all have district pupusa nights, and there is some good bonding that`s going on over here. My new comp speaks a little English, so we`re working with him and improving his English a bit.
We expect a baptism this Sunday. Her name is Flor, and she is the daughter of a recent convert Teresa. This week we`re really trying to put some dates with some people that went to church last Sunday for the 24th. In order to get baptized, one has to attend church 3 times. We brought 5 or so this Sunday, so we`re going to go with them during the week to see if we can`t set a baptismal date.
I`m really loving the mission right now. I wouldn`t mind training the whole time. The new missionaries are very humble and willing to change their forms of teaching. Training a horse was the best preparation I had for the mission. With the horses, and dogs, I read out of a training manual to shape them to be the best. Now with these missionaries, I`m using Preach My Gospel and the results are good in my eyes. Of course, they all have a mind of there own, but they can still be helped, and altered to be better.
How`s the seminary class?
Dad, sorry but I didn`t write a letter last Monday. We had changes, and it`s been super busy. I`m doing fine. I hope Grandpa is getting better. He`s a great man, and he`ll be prepared for whatever comes.
Take care, and I`ll probably write Wednesday, but please write me on Sunday to be sure.
Elder Jacobsen

Email #33

Hey parents. This week was excellent. I had the best convert baptism I have ever witnessed, brother gilberto cruz. He is a great man, that is a 100% honest convert. That was very refreshing, and very rewarding. We had the bishop baptize him, the darker man. He gave his testimony on Sunday and expressed how he has repented, and expained to the congregation the plan of the gospel, and how he feels that he has an anchor in his life. Although we can have many baptisms, the true converts make everything worth every effort.
News: to start, I don`t have much time, so forgive me. I am training again. I will be staying in Acajutla. Naturally, I will have a new companion, and we will continue doing work as normal. I do enjoy training alot. I have always trained dogs, or horses, so I might as well train some companions too. Dad, if you want to teach JP a more powerful lesson than anything, get him to break a horse from scratch. I learned more life lessons from that than from any other thing.
I do love the mission. I can`t believe I almost have 8 months. It goes by wickedly fast.
I am glad that I am staying in Acajutla. It is the best area in El Salvador.
Big news: they are splitting the mission. There will be El Salavador Santa Ana, and the San Salvador West/Belize mission. Dependent on where I am July 1st, is the mission I will stay in. Right now I am in the San Salvador mission. This will entail having a new mission president, and everything. This takes effect July 1st, and we`ll see what happens. After this, the El Salvador Santa Ana mission will be the smallest mission in the world, but we baptize many here. There`s still a lot of time in between here and then, but it doesn`t matter. Wherever we go, it`s still the same work.
Well, take care family. I love you all. I`m sending dad letters every week now, so he should start getting them.
Love, Elder Jacobsen