Email #33

Hey parents. This week was excellent. I had the best convert baptism I have ever witnessed, brother gilberto cruz. He is a great man, that is a 100% honest convert. That was very refreshing, and very rewarding. We had the bishop baptize him, the darker man. He gave his testimony on Sunday and expressed how he has repented, and expained to the congregation the plan of the gospel, and how he feels that he has an anchor in his life. Although we can have many baptisms, the true converts make everything worth every effort.
News: to start, I don`t have much time, so forgive me. I am training again. I will be staying in Acajutla. Naturally, I will have a new companion, and we will continue doing work as normal. I do enjoy training alot. I have always trained dogs, or horses, so I might as well train some companions too. Dad, if you want to teach JP a more powerful lesson than anything, get him to break a horse from scratch. I learned more life lessons from that than from any other thing.
I do love the mission. I can`t believe I almost have 8 months. It goes by wickedly fast.
I am glad that I am staying in Acajutla. It is the best area in El Salvador.
Big news: they are splitting the mission. There will be El Salavador Santa Ana, and the San Salvador West/Belize mission. Dependent on where I am July 1st, is the mission I will stay in. Right now I am in the San Salvador mission. This will entail having a new mission president, and everything. This takes effect July 1st, and we`ll see what happens. After this, the El Salvador Santa Ana mission will be the smallest mission in the world, but we baptize many here. There`s still a lot of time in between here and then, but it doesn`t matter. Wherever we go, it`s still the same work.
Well, take care family. I love you all. I`m sending dad letters every week now, so he should start getting them.
Love, Elder Jacobsen


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