Email #34

Hey family,
Pretty big change this time around. I`m still in Acajutla… I have a new child named Elder Garcia. They call the new missionaries “sons” because the “father” trains the son in his ways. He`s from Mexico. He looks like a Chinese man. He swears he`s not chinese, but who knows. I`m the district leader over here, which is a change I imagine. Our district, the district Acajutla, has a very good spirit of hard work, and we throwing fire as they call it. Although our district is 1/3 of the zone, we do about half the work. That`s not enough, so we`ll really kick it this week. The district is great though. It`s a fairly young district. It`s 6 missionaries, and there`s only one lazy one, but we can work with that. We all live together in Acajutla, so we all have district pupusa nights, and there is some good bonding that`s going on over here. My new comp speaks a little English, so we`re working with him and improving his English a bit.
We expect a baptism this Sunday. Her name is Flor, and she is the daughter of a recent convert Teresa. This week we`re really trying to put some dates with some people that went to church last Sunday for the 24th. In order to get baptized, one has to attend church 3 times. We brought 5 or so this Sunday, so we`re going to go with them during the week to see if we can`t set a baptismal date.
I`m really loving the mission right now. I wouldn`t mind training the whole time. The new missionaries are very humble and willing to change their forms of teaching. Training a horse was the best preparation I had for the mission. With the horses, and dogs, I read out of a training manual to shape them to be the best. Now with these missionaries, I`m using Preach My Gospel and the results are good in my eyes. Of course, they all have a mind of there own, but they can still be helped, and altered to be better.
How`s the seminary class?
Dad, sorry but I didn`t write a letter last Monday. We had changes, and it`s been super busy. I`m doing fine. I hope Grandpa is getting better. He`s a great man, and he`ll be prepared for whatever comes.
Take care, and I`ll probably write Wednesday, but please write me on Sunday to be sure.
Elder Jacobsen


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