Email #35

Hello Dear family.
Looks like everything over there is going great in Florida. I got a funny picture here. It says: “win a trip to Orlando Florida.” I got a good kick out of it and thought you would appreciate it. The mission and the area are excellent. We are waiting on 5 baptisms in the next few weeks. We have Flor and Evelyn: they are two young sisters and daughters of a recent convert Teresa; Javier and Marleni Aguilar; and Berta Cruz, wife of Gilberto Cruz. The two daughters have a baptism for this Sunday. We have to fix a birth certifcate and marry Javier and Marleni to baptize them, and Berta Cruz wont accept a baptismal date yet. She said she´ll get baptized, but she hasn´t accepted a date yet. We have a trip to the San Salvador temple on the 30th with the investigators, maybe she´ll change her mind when she sees the temple.
This week was a good one. I was pretty sick during the week, but right now I feel great. I must of got some mosquito given disease. I was down for 3 days with the runs, headaches, fever, and chucking up groceries. It was a beauty. All is well now, but it was quite the experience.
We´re teaching this old guy named Salvador. He´s great, but his wife is a nutcase. She can´t hear anything, and when she sees us she yells and says “We´re Catholic! We were born Catholic, married, and will die Catholic!” The husband shakes his head and tells us she´s crazy, we all laugh, and keep teaching. El Salvador. Gotta love it.
Acajutla is excellent. I wouldn´t mind staying here for a good while. I´m starting to become a member of the community. Random people are starting to know me. It´s not a big place… I´d imagine it´s about the size of Milford, but it´s starting to become a home in a sort of way. It´ll be hard to leave when the time comes, but I´ll enjoy it while I can.
Tell Randall and Jessica that I won´t be able to write them an email today, but thanks for the emails. I enjoy all of them. Also, I don´t know why, but I can´t ever seem to keep the address of Anthony Grego. It always goes missing. Please tell him I send my love, and please ask for it again.
It´s great to see some of the fruits of your conversions. Last sunday, one of our recent converts Gilberto Cruz gave the lesson in Gospel Doctrine class. He´s the president now. He´s the most converted baptism I´ve witnessed so far. It was a blessing to be part of it.
The mission is great. It gets better every day. Many elders make the mistake of getting caught up in the whirl-wind of numbers and leadership positions. As nacho says… all the fancy cakes, creams, and lotions. Shove it all under you, enjoy the mission for what you´re doing, and convert people. Do as Jesus did, go preach repentance and baptism. Don´t worry about being obedient, because that should already be expected. Just don´t be stupid. We all wear the Lord´s name, so we will not dishonor it. I like the peace of mind that God has been giving me. As simply as it states in the scriptures: Moroni 9:21″whatsoever thing you ask the father in the name of christ, it shall be given you.” This promise literally applies with everything, in accordance to the faith of the person praying. It says whatsoever thing. I asked God to help me become the best missionary I could become for Him, and it doesn´t come instantly, but it comes more and more. Day by day. Thanks for the experience family. Take care out there on the ranch.
Love, Elder Jacobsen


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