Email #36

Hey family
Good week this week. We baptized 2 yesterday. Flor and Evelyn. We were able to put some baptismal dates and kind of get things going again. We slowed down as we were looking for more people, but now some of the older investigators we had are progressing and they want to change. The baptisms were good. My companion was able to dunk a soul for the first time.
My best bud in the mission, Elder Bockelman was able to come for a day. He extended his mission for 2 weeks to help the new kids out. He came to our area. It was his last day today in the mission. His name is Ashton Bockelman, and he will be visiting you all on the ranch shortly. He´s from VA, lived on a ranch, super hard worker, and he´s interested in working down there. Dad, please pay attention when he calls you up. I don´t recommend any old joe to work on the ranch. He´s a good kid, but he has your phone number, so he´ll call within the week I´d imagine. Any ideas on how to make a shirt go white again? I´m starting to advertise cream colored shirts. I´ve tried bleach, and lemons, but it didn´t do anything.
Yesterday with Bockelman we went with one of the wives of a recent convert we´ve had. She didn´t want to accept a baptismal date, but Bockelman worked some magic and she said she’d get baptized as soon as she could. We´re excited for that. She was more focused on her mind than her heart. She wanted to know everything. She wanted to be 100% sure, which is great… But I don´t think it works 100% like that. When Jesus called his disciples he told them to follow Him, and they immediately left their nets. They didn´t say, “Hey… Give me just a minute! Let me be sure that you´re the Son of God.” They left immediately. Another example, when Samuel left, the angel told him to return and preach to the Nephites. He turned back immediately. Often times we delay doing things that we know are right, to be more sure about it. In my opinion, that gives Satan a window to work with you and confuse you in order to prevent you from doing what’s right. For example, the mission. If I wanted to know everything before the mission, I would´ve never left. I could´ve never mastered spanish, and understood the gospel like you can out here. We should not delay doing good things in order to ensure ourselves that they are good. If we know it is the will of God, do it immediately, and leave Him to change you.
Looks like things are going well at home. The kids look good… Cub looks good standing on the table.
I have some pictures here attached. We have a picture of the zone, we have a picture of the comp, we have the baptisms, and Elder Bockelman and I.
In the package… I don´t know. Send me some pics. Send me some pics of the ranch, some of those hogs I killed. Maybe my friends will believe all those crazy stories I tell them.
Thanks family.
Love you all,
Elder Jacobsen


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