Email #37

Hey there family,
Great great week this week. No baptisms this week, but we´ll wrangle us up a pair this week I reckon. We brought 10 to church, so we´re basically throwing fire down here in Acajutla. I´m loving the mission. I hope I never leave Acajutla, but I know eventually that it will happen.
I have been very content with seeing the fruits of our labors over here in Acajutla. I´ve been here enough time that I´m starting to see the converts flourish a bit. Gilberto Cruz received the preisthood yesterday, and he now teaches the gospel doctrine class. Some of the others went to participate in the temple, and others have born their testimonies. Others have paid tithing and have had miracles happen as people brought food or gave them money out of the blue. It is very nice. I will look back on this time with great pleasure and happiness.
Funny moment of the week. We had a family that had to work on Sunday in order to eat. We told them that if they trusted God, they would sell more during the week in order to be able to keep the sabbath holy.. As a joke, my companion and I went disguised as tourists and bought stuff from them in their shack store. We went there in soccer jerseys, hats, and shades and talked in deep voices. They recognized us instantly, but we just pretended like we didn´t know what they were saying. Super funny stuff.
The companion is a stud. We sing Jack Johnson together and sleep in the hammocks we have. He´s basically a chinese gringo Mexican. Speaks English, looks Asian, and is from Mexico. We have a great time. He´s a good teacher, and it´s a pleasure to train him.
Tell the kids I have to write the pres for 20 min of the time, and then I get about 25 min to write the family. I can start sending the snail mail, I reckon… but it costs a pretty penny down here. Tell them I love them, and I love hearing from them.. but I can´t respond in large amounts. Unless you want a letter this long… then I´ll keep doing it as I have been.
I´ve been using bleach on the shirts and they´re looking better. I´ll just bleach them till the cows come home, or till the boy comes home to the cows. Limes don´t work at all, they just turned my shirts green.
We´re right on the edge of getting 5 baptisms these next few weeks. We have 3 families just waiting. We have to fix papers for one, marry another, and other stuff. I hope I´m here to see it happen.
It appears I have already ran out of time.
Mom, keep preaching repentance to that seminary class of yours, and keep shooting photos. Dad, hire Ashton Bockelman and make him marry Kate. The kids looks so old. I don´t know what you´re feeding them over there, but they are changing so much. Lizzie is starting to look much older.
Well family, I love you. I´ll try to send a photo if I find time.
Love, Elder Jacobsen


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