Email #38

Hey family,
I got to watch Sunday in English, so I was very satisfied. I was able to see Holland, Oaks, and Christoffersen, I can´t spell it, but I watched all of them. The prophets talk on obedience was very humorous and helpful. His facial expression and comments really bring life to the lessons. I have some pictures of me digging a well. That a fun experience. I broke a blister on my hand. It´s been a while since that has happened.
We had a cool miracle happen this week. This week to conference, we brought 17 investigators, 4 families. It might not be a record, but it was a lot. Normally 4 is a good amount. The point I make is that if the Lord trusts us, and if we have cleansed the invward vessel, He will send us His children to teach. We may forget it sometimes, but the people we teach are God´s children as well. Because He loves them as equally as He loves us, He will send His chosen children to the missionaries that He trusts. I feel trusted of the Lord. I feel more filled and more secure in the Lord every day. The mission is different than anything we have ever done before in life. It demands that we rely completely on the Lord, rather than our own abilities or talents.
As far as I have been concerned my whole life, I have always been completely reliant on my own strength. However, as soon as I started studying His doctrine, preaching His cause, and wearing His name everything Has changed. I have dedicated all my efforts to Him. As I keep looking upwards rather than sideways, as I keep focusing on Him rather than the false recognition of those around me, I am beginning to receive everthing that I falsely sought for in the past. The assignements come, the callings came, the baptisms come, the investigators appear, and the numeral success is thriving. Yet I have learned not to get caught up on these things.
As soon as I look sideways is when I will fall. I will not do that. This is only a two year mission, and I nearly have completed half of it. There is no time to waste time. I love the mission, and I love seeing the results that are coming from the hard changes I have made in my life. My mission experience is summed up in Mark 8:34-35. As I am losing my life for His cause, and for His gospel, He is giving me mine. My testimony of the living Jesus Christ has completely changed for the better. He lives. Just as I can´t see you, yet I know you live, he too lives. I feel His blessings, and I feel clean and whole again. The mission is necessary. A man or woman has the complete potential to change the world if they rely completely on the Lord. He wants us to baptize and build His kingdom, but will only grant such a priveledge with those He confides in.
This week we have planned to baptize 4. We have two families, and one young boy we found.
This boy is named Enrique. He is 18. The second lesson he told us that he prayed about the Book of Mormon, and he knows its true. He had some dream about the gold plates. Experiences like this change the mission..and they come weekly over here. I hope I stay here another stay. There will be much that will happen.
Conference was excellent. I loved the talk by one of the Seventies about repentance. I just don´t think we repent enough. As members of the church we have this thought that in order to repent, you must do something terrible. There are infinite ways to sin. If we don´t repent daily, during these days, we will lose our soul. Try repentance and see where you stand in a week. It is such a blessing and power.
Well family, I love you. I can´t thank you enough for the mission experience. I ask the Lord to make me better and help me fulfill my life´s calling, and I become better through Him and because of Him every day.
I invite everyone to go on missions. If you aren´t a member of the church, get baptized and start your spiritual life.
I love you family,
Take care.
Elder Jacobsen


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