Email #39

Greetings family,
More success this week! Great week.
We baptized 3 yesterday. Javier and Marlene, and Berta Cruz. This completes two families. Berta is the wife of a recent convert that I baptized about a month ago. It was a great experience. Gilberto was able to baptize his wife which was great to see.
We had to marry Javier and Marlene last Friday. Can`t be living in sin before baptism. We got them married and baptized and what not.
Saturday we had a trip to the temple in San Salvador for the investigators. My companion and I brought 20 or so. I had the opportunity to teach at the doors of the temple. We explained that all could enter… some day. They only have to be baptized and repent of their sins. Sorry everybody. We put four baptismal dates yesterday, and we are going to try and put 10 more this week. Good news, I am staying in Acajutla another change. I will be here for 6 months. I am so pumped. Just let me stay here as long as I need to. We are loving life over here. The mission is great. I will be here for another 6 weeks, with the same companion. Elder Garcia is a great kid, and we are enjoying the mission very much. Don`t have much time.

I love you all, take care.
Elder Jacobsen


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