Email #40

Hey family,
I don´t know why those pictures never sent, but I´ll send them again.
Before I forget… Can you send me a few white short- sleeved shirts? I´m needing a new batch. They have turned yellow and no amount of repentance can bring these stains out. The shirts I got before where rough textured and cotton… they yellowed up immediatly. Look for a nice thin material, that looks like it will stay white. Neck size 15.5. I have went down an inch, but don´t you worry.
The week went well. We had 9 people in church yesterday. This family Alvarez is getting baptized on Sunday. They are a family of 6, but 4 are of age to be baptized. Pray for them. They struggle not selling stuff on Sundays. They are dirt poor, and feel they must sell on Sundays. As it shouldn´t be this way, please send them up some prayers that the Lord will bless them enough to be able to keep the Sabbath Day holy.
We have 10 baptismal dates right now. In April only 4, and the rest in May. We´re looking at putting a few more, here shortly. It is nice to feel and see the blessings of the Lord in the work that we do.
I appreciate the cards and gifts everyone has sent.
I feel like I am part of the community over here in Acajutla. Everybody says hi, and it seems like I am known by all. It´s not hard to miss the gringo in a white shirt and tie.
Looks like the kids are all getting big. I haven´t received the package yet, but I´m waiting.
I can´t believe how fast the mission goes by. It´s the best 2 years as they all say.
I love you family,
Take care
Elder Jacobsen


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