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Email #45

Hey family,
This week was amazing, and we witnessed some great miracles.

I have changes this Wednesday. I`m leaving Acajutla, and I don`t know where I`m going yet. I`ll be in the new area next Monday, and I`ll be sure to let you know.

Yesterday we had a Zone baptism of 12 people. It was an amazing experience. We`ve been struggling this week to put a sure baptismal date with two kids Viviana and Nicolas. We`ve been teaching them for a good while now, and they have been some tough investigators. I have never witnessed a conversion process like this one, and it was a blessing to see.

We tried putting a date with them to get baptized yesterday, and we have been fasting all week long for it. They always said, I don`t know.. I`m not sure… up until the minute of the baptism.

We invited them to the baptismal service so they could see how it goes, and see if the spirit inspired them to be baptized. I don`t know why, but all week I felt sure that they would be baptized. Even to the point that I took baptismal clothes to the service… without them knowing.

During the service, after the 8th baptism or so, Viviana asks me “Is it too late?” We all stood up and we got them ready for the baptism. They were the last two to be baptized that day. It was a great experience. It really confirmed the scripture that if you have faith, anything can be done. Often times in life the most real things are the things we can`t see. Something great about the mission is that you learn how to harness these unseen powers and use them to produce visible results. God lives. He wants us to exercise our faith and go to places that defy all human logic. The faith is going a little farther even after it doesn`t make sense. It`s real.

Thanks for the pictures of the family. I can`t believe Kate graduated already. Tell Logan that he is lookin swell. I`ll see you around in a year or so, reckon.

The pictures included are the baptismal service, and everyone there that participated. It was a fantastic experience, and it was a blessing to be there. I feel satisfied as I leave Acajutla, and I am excited to see what happens this next change. The last picture is a picture of zone sonsanate. Thank you again, parents, for the blessing to serve a mission. I will do my best.

Elder Jacobsen

Email #44

Give this one to JP,
Dear JP: Happy birthday my brother. Know that I love you and that you`re always in my thoughts. You are ten years old now, and half my age. If I could write a letter to me at that age I would tell myself to choose good friends. That`s really important because you`re shaping the man you`ll become. Choose good friends, go outside, and have some fun and righteous hobbies. Always read the scriptures every day. I started when I was your age, and I haven`t missed a day since. Not a single day, and I challenge you to do the same. Happy birthday brother. Learn how to train horses, dogs, and fish. You can`t go wrong with that.
Love, your brother

Parents and family,

Good week, I guess. It was a pretty calm week, and nothing too crazy happened.

We have a week before the next change. I`m fairly certain that I`m shipping out this time, so we`ll see what happens. Changes are on the 29th. I`ll know by next Monday what`s going to happen.

We`ve been trying to help some of our investigators develop a stronger testimony of Joseph Smith being a prophet. Their names are Viviana, Nicolas, and Armando. Pray for them that God answers their prayers. They are reading, praying, and going to church. Were just hoping that God answers their prayers this week so that they can be baptized this Sunday.

I love you family,
Elder Jacobsen

Email #43

Hey family,
Sorry for the delay in writing. Since we were going to the temple on Thursday, we also are having Pday today.

This week went well. It`s been a week and a half without Pday. Yesterday I was getting pretty grumpy. I wasn`t a happy camper to be around, but we`re good here now. I got a chance to settle down. The week`s been crazy. I`ve been going all over in the district getting baptismal interviews done, and going on interchanges and things. I was pretty tired by the time today rolled around.

It was nice to see you all. Looks like the family is doing well, and that everybody is getting bigger.

I got to go to the temple this morning. There will be some pictures attached that you can all look at. I haven`t been in about 8 months, and it was really nice to go again. The sessions are interesting in spanish, but still the same.

I made a pact with my companion. I have made an agreement to grow out the hair till my birthday. He`s sick of me cutting my hair every week and doesn`t believe I can abstain from it. To prove him wrong, we have struck this deal. I don`t think I`ll make it, but I do feel that I`m getting too old to spike my hair up all the time. Expect something glorious.

Don`t worry about the package either. 2 weeks is the same as one day for you guys. Time goes by fast.

I did have an interesting experience with a prompting of the Holy Spirit. We have 3 baptismal dates this Sunday for some youth. I had a feeling like we should go visit them, so we went. Right when we walked in on them, they were reading antimormon articles about Joseph Smith. It was a good opportunity to really teach them about testimony, about the importance of having the right sources, and how to sift through the lies of things. It made them a little doubtful, but I`m sure they`ll recover. Even though I didn`t know it was a prompting at the moment, I acted on something I felt I should do, without knowing beforehand why. I think we shouldn`t hang ourselves up on whether the Spirit is guiding us or not. Just be a good boy, be a good girl, then go where you feel like you should go, and you`ll will be guided without knowing you`re being guided.

Love you family, sorry for the delay in response.

Elder Jacobsen