Email #42

Mother`s day: I will skype you this Friday at 5 o clock, El Salvadoranian time. I will leave that up to you to figure what time it is in Florida.

It will be a beautiful experience. My barber shaved my head… just the sides. He made me look like Uncle Preston, and we`re workin it.

This week we wrote on Wednesday. Expect Monday this coming week. For the moment, we had some problems with transportation but we are going to probably write on monday. Not for sure.

As far as the week goes… Excellent. We baptized a family of 4 last Sunday. That was a nice experience. They are some of the coolest people we have taught the whole mission. They are the Alvarez family, and they are great people. They are very poor, but are humble, and rely greatly on the blessings of the Lord.

District Acajulta is on fire. We are doing about 80 percent of the zone`s work, and every missionary in the district will baptize this month. We`ve been focussing on improving the quality of the teaching, and commitments. All the missionaries are good missionaries, very new in the mission, but all the better. We have 9 baptismal dates, we have baptized 4, and expect more dates. We have committed to the Lord that we will do everything we can as missionaries so long as He helps us achieve our goals. We know He will always fulfill his commitments.

Good lesson learned, I tried putting a baptismal date with a lady who`s husband is a member. She only wants to get baptized for him. There just can’t be untrue intentions in the gospel or the mission. Of course we cannot baptize her. She is not ready. However, it’s good to reflect in our own lives what our intentions are, and carry them out in a truthful manner.

I will talk to you more on Friday. Be there, 5 my time.
Elder Jacobsen


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