Email #43

Hey family,
Sorry for the delay in writing. Since we were going to the temple on Thursday, we also are having Pday today.

This week went well. It`s been a week and a half without Pday. Yesterday I was getting pretty grumpy. I wasn`t a happy camper to be around, but we`re good here now. I got a chance to settle down. The week`s been crazy. I`ve been going all over in the district getting baptismal interviews done, and going on interchanges and things. I was pretty tired by the time today rolled around.

It was nice to see you all. Looks like the family is doing well, and that everybody is getting bigger.

I got to go to the temple this morning. There will be some pictures attached that you can all look at. I haven`t been in about 8 months, and it was really nice to go again. The sessions are interesting in spanish, but still the same.

I made a pact with my companion. I have made an agreement to grow out the hair till my birthday. He`s sick of me cutting my hair every week and doesn`t believe I can abstain from it. To prove him wrong, we have struck this deal. I don`t think I`ll make it, but I do feel that I`m getting too old to spike my hair up all the time. Expect something glorious.

Don`t worry about the package either. 2 weeks is the same as one day for you guys. Time goes by fast.

I did have an interesting experience with a prompting of the Holy Spirit. We have 3 baptismal dates this Sunday for some youth. I had a feeling like we should go visit them, so we went. Right when we walked in on them, they were reading antimormon articles about Joseph Smith. It was a good opportunity to really teach them about testimony, about the importance of having the right sources, and how to sift through the lies of things. It made them a little doubtful, but I`m sure they`ll recover. Even though I didn`t know it was a prompting at the moment, I acted on something I felt I should do, without knowing beforehand why. I think we shouldn`t hang ourselves up on whether the Spirit is guiding us or not. Just be a good boy, be a good girl, then go where you feel like you should go, and you`ll will be guided without knowing you`re being guided.

Love you family, sorry for the delay in response.

Elder Jacobsen


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