Email #44

Give this one to JP,
Dear JP: Happy birthday my brother. Know that I love you and that you`re always in my thoughts. You are ten years old now, and half my age. If I could write a letter to me at that age I would tell myself to choose good friends. That`s really important because you`re shaping the man you`ll become. Choose good friends, go outside, and have some fun and righteous hobbies. Always read the scriptures every day. I started when I was your age, and I haven`t missed a day since. Not a single day, and I challenge you to do the same. Happy birthday brother. Learn how to train horses, dogs, and fish. You can`t go wrong with that.
Love, your brother

Parents and family,

Good week, I guess. It was a pretty calm week, and nothing too crazy happened.

We have a week before the next change. I`m fairly certain that I`m shipping out this time, so we`ll see what happens. Changes are on the 29th. I`ll know by next Monday what`s going to happen.

We`ve been trying to help some of our investigators develop a stronger testimony of Joseph Smith being a prophet. Their names are Viviana, Nicolas, and Armando. Pray for them that God answers their prayers. They are reading, praying, and going to church. Were just hoping that God answers their prayers this week so that they can be baptized this Sunday.

I love you family,
Elder Jacobsen


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