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Email #49

Hey there family,
Or what´s left of the family. It seems like everyone has left. I hope the house isn´t too big for you now.

What did you all think about that missionary broadcast? I thought it brought a great message, and I hope all you members start giving more references. The missionaries are the ward´s aid in missionary work. They are not the driving force. Literally the keys of finding lie with the bishop, and the members, and the missionaries are responsible for showing up at their houses, teaching, and baptizing.

This week went well. We didn´t baptize anyone or put baptismal dates, but we brought a good amount of people to church, and we hope to get the ball rolling with them.

Elder Trujillo and I have been enjoying are time together. We´re only going to last one change together. At the end of the change, they are going to divide the zone. As of now, we are the biggest or the second biggest zone in the mission, which makes it necessary to divide. It´s too bad I won´t have another change with the companion, but I am excited to have a more maneagable sized zone.

I can´t believe Kate has left for college. It seems like I did that yesterday, but we´re aproaching on two years since that day. I can´t believe that. Time goes by faster and faster the older you get.The trick is to manage and take advantage of all of it.

The week has been a little frustrating. A few of the baptismal dates in the zone have fallen. Whether it be due to lack of neglect on our part or lack of commitment in the missionaries or investigators it doesn´t matter. We´ll just have to learn from that and try to give better follow up with the missionaries and their people.

Those trek photos were amazing. You really outdid yourself over there. I hope you get a picture in the Ensign or some sort of conference shout-out.

Tell Jessica to stop touching or dying her hair.

That picture by the poster made me chuckle. I didn´t know it was so big. Looks like dad´s the most famous mormon cowboy in the wild wild west, reckon.

Take care family. I love you all. I enjoy the photos, and I hope the week goes well. Talk to Kate often. The first few weeks in college are rough, but it gets much much better.

Love you all,
Elder Jacobsen

Email #48

Hey family,
Dad I don´t know if it is Father´s day over there, but it is here. Happy Father´s day dad. I love you, and you are the best dad that has existed. Thanks for the support and for sending me on the mission.

I´m sorry, but I´m very short on time today. Attached I have a picture of mother willow from pocohantas, and two baptisms we had last sunday. Miguel, and Susana.

Those were some amazing pictures of the Nauvoo thing. That really exceeded my expectations. I was very impressed. David and Tarah looked just like Joseph Smith and Emma too.

Goodness… I’ve got to go, family. I love you all. Things are going well. I am loving the mission. Sorry for the lackage of time. I was too distracted by the letter from Elder Holland, some girls from my class were telling me they got married and what not, and I was reporting numbers. Sorry, I will make sure I budget the time better next week.

I love you all. I got the package… The shirts fit great, and they´re nice and white. I´m excited to see the pictures and things that you are sending.

Mom, looks like you are improving alot in the photography. The pictures look incredible. The kids sound good. I get emails from them..

Ride the horse, shoot the gun, and baptize.

Love Elder Jacobsen

Email #47

Hey family,
This week was great. We don`t have as much time to work over here with the new responsiblities, but somehow the Lord keeps blessing us with people to work with. We brought 7 people to church yesterday and we`re going to baptize 4 people this weekend. I have attached one of the young families we’re going to baptize. They are the family Martinez, they are golden. We`re happy for them, and we`re going to get them married this Saturday. The wife is 8 months pregnant, so we`ll take it easy during the baptism.

Balancing a Zone is a trick. It`s one thing to occupy yourself with your area, and then to have to help 12 others is a whole new ball game. Missionaries call me complaining about their back-aches saying that they can`t work, people whining about not having money.. It`s great! I love telling people to grow up and work. The business life is for me.

This week I`m going on a tour of the entire zone. As a zone we brought 33 people to church. This week I`ll be going with the District Leaders in all their corresponding areas to try and put baptismal dates.

I had the opportunity to go on interchanges with the Assistents to the President, and they showed me a lot of things to improve in my own area. We are going to work more with the members. This week we have been getting a lot of references, and Sunday morning the members brought their friends to church. We didn`t have to do anything on Sunday morning. That`s the way it should be, and we`re finding a lot of success doing that.

One of the pictures is at a restaurant with some of the zone missionaries. My companion is the short Mexican man on my side. His name is Elder Trujillo, and we`re having a great time together.

Thanks for the pictures. Looks like the family is looking great. I haven`t received the package yet, but I`ll expect it here in a bit.

We had a great experience this week. Alex and his wife Susanda were fighting a bit, and so the wife didn`t go to church with him. She left the house to who knows where. Alex showed up to church a little frustrated, so we escorted him into a room to say a prayer asking God to send his wife to church. She showed up some 5 minutes later, and they entered the chapel together. It was a great experience and testimony builder for them. They are the young family getting baptized this Sunday, also seen in the picture.

Alright family, I love you.
Elder Jacobsen