Email #46

Hey family, tell kate Happy 18th

I had changes last Wednesday.

Right now I´m in this place called Molino. My companion is Elder Trujillo, a Mexican boy of 24 years. We are the Zone Leaders which basically means that we supervise all the missionaries of Zone Molino. There are 26 missionaries in the Zone, and I´m pretty excited to see what happens. This is the biggest zone in the mission and with that comes the biggest potential. We´re trying to set a big vision for the missionaries and we´ll see if we can´t increase the output over here.

With the change, I have put myself back within the boundaries of the original mission. President Cordon will remain being my President, and we´ll be here for the next 13 months or so. I´m excited. I respect President Cordon. It would feel like starting over with a new mission president. I believe with the change in mission boundaries this will make our mission the smallest mission in the world, but we have a lot of success.

The ward here is excellent. I´ve eaten with members more times in the past two days than in my entire mission. Perhaps I´ll start putting on some of that weight I have lost. It´s a ward of about 140 active members. In Acajutla we had about 85, so it´s been nice to have a bigger support group.

Being a ZL also has its benefits. We have a cell phone now, we live in a super nice house, and we get to meet with President once a week. He was once in the quorum of the 70, so it´s like receiving tuturing from a General Authority every week. I feel like my real mission is beginning. I am learning much more about the church system: what stake presidents and bishops do, and how to really get involved in the building of the kingdom of God. I´m excited and honored that the Lord has given me this opportunity.

Elder Trujillo is an excellent companion. He doesn´t speak a lick of English, but we´re working on it. We pass the day laughing and working hard. He was my district leader in Acajutla back when I went there in December. There are four missionaries in the house… one of them is the nephew of Julie B. Beck, mom. I thought you might find that interesting.

As far as the area goes… I don´t know what the missionaries were doing before us, but they haven´t baptized in 3 months. We tried getting the ball rolling over here, and we brought 6 people to church yesterday. We put two baptismal dates, and we have plans to baptize 10 this month. As a zone we hope to baptize 40. We have big goals so please make sure to send up a prayer to help us all achieve them. I feel as though the Lord is blessing me greatly. He has helped kick start this area, or give us a boost to acheive our goals this month. I´m sure we´ll do it.

Sorry I don´t have many photos. I´ll be sure to take some this week. I do have one… In it you will see some beautiful hair. You could say it´s getting pretty gorgeous. I have another month to grow it out if I going to stay true to my deal with hot china, my last companion. We´ll see what happens.

Take care family,
I love you and thank you for sending me on a mission.

Just to let you know, I´ll be sending mail earlier now, Monday mornings. We have to get a head start in the morning to send president the report of the week.


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