Email #47

Hey family,
This week was great. We don`t have as much time to work over here with the new responsiblities, but somehow the Lord keeps blessing us with people to work with. We brought 7 people to church yesterday and we`re going to baptize 4 people this weekend. I have attached one of the young families we’re going to baptize. They are the family Martinez, they are golden. We`re happy for them, and we`re going to get them married this Saturday. The wife is 8 months pregnant, so we`ll take it easy during the baptism.

Balancing a Zone is a trick. It`s one thing to occupy yourself with your area, and then to have to help 12 others is a whole new ball game. Missionaries call me complaining about their back-aches saying that they can`t work, people whining about not having money.. It`s great! I love telling people to grow up and work. The business life is for me.

This week I`m going on a tour of the entire zone. As a zone we brought 33 people to church. This week I`ll be going with the District Leaders in all their corresponding areas to try and put baptismal dates.

I had the opportunity to go on interchanges with the Assistents to the President, and they showed me a lot of things to improve in my own area. We are going to work more with the members. This week we have been getting a lot of references, and Sunday morning the members brought their friends to church. We didn`t have to do anything on Sunday morning. That`s the way it should be, and we`re finding a lot of success doing that.

One of the pictures is at a restaurant with some of the zone missionaries. My companion is the short Mexican man on my side. His name is Elder Trujillo, and we`re having a great time together.

Thanks for the pictures. Looks like the family is looking great. I haven`t received the package yet, but I`ll expect it here in a bit.

We had a great experience this week. Alex and his wife Susanda were fighting a bit, and so the wife didn`t go to church with him. She left the house to who knows where. Alex showed up to church a little frustrated, so we escorted him into a room to say a prayer asking God to send his wife to church. She showed up some 5 minutes later, and they entered the chapel together. It was a great experience and testimony builder for them. They are the young family getting baptized this Sunday, also seen in the picture.

Alright family, I love you.
Elder Jacobsen


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