Email #48

Hey family,
Dad I don´t know if it is Father´s day over there, but it is here. Happy Father´s day dad. I love you, and you are the best dad that has existed. Thanks for the support and for sending me on the mission.

I´m sorry, but I´m very short on time today. Attached I have a picture of mother willow from pocohantas, and two baptisms we had last sunday. Miguel, and Susana.

Those were some amazing pictures of the Nauvoo thing. That really exceeded my expectations. I was very impressed. David and Tarah looked just like Joseph Smith and Emma too.

Goodness… I’ve got to go, family. I love you all. Things are going well. I am loving the mission. Sorry for the lackage of time. I was too distracted by the letter from Elder Holland, some girls from my class were telling me they got married and what not, and I was reporting numbers. Sorry, I will make sure I budget the time better next week.

I love you all. I got the package… The shirts fit great, and they´re nice and white. I´m excited to see the pictures and things that you are sending.

Mom, looks like you are improving alot in the photography. The pictures look incredible. The kids sound good. I get emails from them..

Ride the horse, shoot the gun, and baptize.

Love Elder Jacobsen


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