Email #50

Hola padres,
thanks for the birthday wishes.
Sorry I got to writing late today. Some of the boys and I in the zone had a 4th of July lunch. We bbq´d hamb´s and hotdogs. It was mmMURICAN meal.
The week went well. The month ended and so it´s been a crunch to try and get all the zone to baptize. It was a good try, but we didn´t manage to get them all to baptize.
I don´t remember a time being so tired in my life. We go to bed at 1130 and up at 6. It´s 6 hours of sleep, but walking around all day wears you out. I enjoy it, sometimes we just have to throw down a 20 minute energy nap, but that seems to do the trick sometimes.
I was sucessful with the hair competition. I made it until my birthday, and it will get cut tomorrow.
The mission was divided yesterday, and so I now belong to the El Salvador Santa Ana mission. It´s a small one, but we have a lot of potential.
Next changes are coming up on July 10th. They´re going to divide our zone, and so I´ll probably be staying here and getting a new companion.
Last week I treated myself to a birthday present and bought a new back-pack. It a swiss-army and it´s a good size. It was 40 bucks, and that will explain why I withdrew some money. It´s a good one and will last the rest of the mission.
In the area, we haven´t baptized anyone and we´re trying to put some dates. This area is a little different from the last one. I´m having to learn to rely more on the members than my own personal finding skills. Right now I´m trying to get the ball rolling. We have some potential for this month, but overall we just need to find people. I´m also the junior comp, so I can learn and be trained in the new job. Next change, I think I´ll be the senior comp, and that´s really when I can get everything moving the way I like it to be done.
I love you all. Thank everybody for the birthday wishes. My inbox was full this morning… Thanks mom for telling everybody it was my birthday. Thanks dad, for the support. I didn´t realize how hard it is for someone to be a convert until I came on the mission. I have a lot of respect for that.

I love you family. Have another great week and 4th of July.
Love Elder Jacobsen


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