Email #51

Hey Family,
How´s it going over there in Florida? I got the pictures. It looks like you all threw an excellent 4th of July party.

News: I will be staying this change, but my companion is leaving. The president called and informed Elder Trujillo that he is going to be the new assistent. He was such a fun companion to have. I´m excited for him to be the AP, but it´s too bad we only had one change together. You need to know this guy. He got baptized 3 years ago, he´s 24… He stopped smoking, drinking, and fornicating all to be a missionary. He´s been everywhere, and he is a true example of a converted person. He´s new in the knowledge, but since when has knowledge counted for anything when calling disciples?

The zone is dividing this week. I will have a zone of 14, so that will help me as I try to keep better contact with all the missionaries, go on interchanges, and work with their individual bishops. My missionaries will be great, and we´re going to really crack-down in this change. I know how to be a zone-leader now, more or less, and I know the area. We expect great things this next change.

The picture of me with the mexican food was on my birthday. My companion bought me food for my birthday. What a man.

Thanks for the continued support. I know the Lord loves our family, and that he watches over us very personally. This is the favorite part of my life. I have never had such a close relationship with the Lord, and I have never seen prayers answered as specifically as they are being answered. He knows each one of us personally and puts us where He needs us the most. The mission is a great experience, and everyone should participate, even if they are non-members. I can´t imagine my life without it. I haven´t ever felt so full, or so at peace with God. I feel like this is exactly what I need to do, where I need to be, and like this is His will.

God bless,
Love Elder Jacobsen


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