Email #52

Hey family.
Tell Mary I said happy birthday and that I love her.

The mission is going well. We had a good week. Right now I`m running around in a trio. My new companion is a gringo from Utah. His name is Elder Gibson, and he`s got about 1 more month in the mission than me. He`s an answer to prayer. I asked God to help me be more organized, and He sent me Elder Gibson. I`m the gas pedal and he`s the steering wheel in the companionship. We`re the ZL`s of our new Zone. We have 13 missionaries in this zone. It`s gotten a lot smaller… but we are throwing FIRE right now!

I consider it a blessing from God that`s he`s given me such great missionaries to work with. We`re all young in the mission and with the desire to work. As our Zonita, we brought 29 people to church. Last week we brought 30, but we had 27 missionaries. We are working hard for our sizes, and giving the other zones in the mission a run for their money.

In our area we have 3 baptismal dates for the 28th of July. We`ve been working a lot more with the members of our ward to find their friends and baptize them. Last week we put a date with a 22 yr old named Wilfredo Chacon. He was a catholic and is the son of a member in the high council. It really brings so much more satisfaction and love for missionary work when we can complete strong ties and families like that. He was a prime example of a prepared investigator.

There is power in prayers on your knees. We`ve been teaching alot more about the function of the Holy Ghost in conversion. We`ve started praying together on our knees, and challenging the investigators to ask a specific question to God. We`ve had lessons were the investigators begin to cry during the prayer or explain to us how they felt a warm calmness come over them. These types of conversions and moments ensure long lasting attendance in church.

I must confess, I lost my patience and macheted the leader of our ward in the last ward council. This is not recommended, but I get fired up when we talk about the missionary work. They weren`t willing to help, and they wanted to do activities for the ward, and not for missionary work. To all members: every function in the church should be centered on missionary work. The work of God is the immortality and eternal life of man. This should be our work as His sons. Why would the church give us a budget to throw our own parties and centralize ourselves away from news, or less active members? Every function in the church should be spread the gospel, or rescue the weary. After all that is said and done, the most important thing is preach the gospel.

I`m finding that as I go in the mission I`m throwing off all sorts of bad habits and I`m learning to balance all the bad habits or strengths that I have. I told God I`d give Him everything if He could turn me into the man he wanted me to be. It is happening and changing, and it`s nice to see what the gospel can do. It gives you great desires to share it with others as you see your personal change…. One thing I`m working on is controlling how sharply I say things. Some people say I`m way to forward, but…. it`s working for me… and Elder Holland is pretty straight forward as well.

I love you family. I send pictures your way. The mission is good.

Love Elder Jacobsen

This is my one year party.


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