Email #53

Hey parents…
I love you and thank you for the pictures. They are awesome. I`m going to end the life of so many wild pigs when I get home… Maybe I`ll be too spiritually sensitive. I sure hope not.

We had a baptism last week. Finally. It`s been a while. His name is Alexander Martinez. We baptized his wife about a month ago.We have 2 dates: one for this week, and then one for the week after. They have all been member references: a nice proof that when the members follow the commands of the prophet, things start happening.

We also had a good miracle happen last week. One of our investigatos with a baptismal date was deciding if he should get baptized in a different ward. His parents have always gone to a ward outside of their ward boundaries. They`ve grown up in the ward, and they have some roots tied in over there. We expected difficulties trying to get them to change wards. I fasted, and yesterday he told us that he decided that he was going to get baptized in our ward, ward Molino. We were excited. I really would like to give a testimony of fasting. Last week we fasted as a zone and we brought 30 people to church, this week we didn`t fast… As a result we only brought 17. I do believe, that even as we sacrifice something so small… Even your meal, that the Lord will bless us even that much more and allow us to have more success…

We might just fast every week in our zone!

This area is a little difficult. It doesn`t get me down… I`m not that kind of person. Rather, it gives me a new challenge, something new to tackle. It`s helping analyze my work methods, and it helps me improve in every aspect. Working alone, without members is impossible here. It`s in the city. It`s a bit like taking down a brick wall with your fists. Every once and a while a member comes with a chisel and takes a chunk out. Imagine if all the members could work like that. Imagine how successfull a ward could be.

It all goes back to Romans 1:16. “I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ.” If the members are afraid to help the missionaries, then it is because they are ashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Are we like that? Do we reserve ourselves for fear? I think so. Perhaps if Satan didn`t have such a strong hold on our hearts, the progress of the church could increase exponentially. Someday when Christ asks us, as Holland stated, “Did you love me?” We should all be able to hold our head up high, and say with all boldness, “yes.” Help the missionaries.

Thank you for the letters and the support. I appreciate all of it.

There is a strange picture of some robots made out of printers and blenders and what not. There is an investigator that makes and sells them online. Kind of neat.

Take care.
Love,Elder Jacobsen


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