Email #54

Hey family, how´s it going over there in Florida?

We had a great week as an area, as well as a zone over here in Molino. We baptized Wilfredo Chacon last night. We confirmed Alexander, and we brought some new people to church.

The zone brought 31 people to church which is extraordinary. There are 6 areas in the zone, and we are kicking the mission´s rear right now. There is an area in our zone that brought 15 people to church themselves. They are a good example for the entire zone, and we are happy for them.

President Cordon visited our ward meeting yesterday, and participated in ward council after church. He was very pleased with the number of investigators in the ward. We have the missionary pair that brought 15, and we brought 4, and about 6 less active people. In total, the gospel principles class was packed. After the church service, we had our ward council meeting.

I´ve always considered our ward council like kicking a dead horse. President Cordon gave an excellent presentation about what traditional ward councils do, (talk about activities, budgets, and complaints), and what revelation teaches us we should do (talk about people and families). Our ward functions on the traditional side a bit, and after the meeting someone raised their hand and said “President Cordon, we already do everything you have told us…” Makes a man happy. I just love people that don´t like to learn.

I´m not in a trio anymore. Elder Carrillo got reassigned to a new ward. My only companion is now Elder Gibson. We are having a good time.

I really feel the hand of the Lord refining me into who He wants me to be. Whenever I step out of line, I feel it correct me or drive me to improve what I´m doing wrong. I´ve became a very direct person. I tell the truth. Sometimes the truth I tell to people becomes so sharp, that investigators get offended or people. I didn´t lie to the person… and the truth hurts sometime, but I´m learning to tell the truth with more love and a litte more patiently. It´s a refining process, and it´s helping me improve alot.

Well family. Enjoy the pictures. I killed a rat in the house, made me a new style, and there´s a picture of wilfredo´s baptism.

I love you all, and I hope you have a great week.

Love Elder Jacobsen


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