Email #55

Hey family,
We baptized Joaquin Guerrero yesterday, I attached a photo. We confirmed Wilfredo Chacon and we put two more baptismal dates this week. YEAH.

The Zone brought 33 people to church yesterday, breaking a new record in our little zone. We are happy of our accomplishment, and we hope to use this to our benefit as we work in the vineyard of the Lord.

The missionaries are working hard in the zone. There are no problems with disobedience or lack of focus as far as I am concerned. There are 12 missionaries, and our motto is PPP. Pequeno pero poderoso. Small but powerful.

Thank you for sending a package my way. I`m excited to see what you’ve got coming.

I am very excited to hear about the baptism of Franko. That is an amazing experience, and I just know he is a great man for doing such a sacrifice. I think converts normally always have a more powerful and righteous spirit. I am happy to tell people that my dad was a convert. It helps me relate to the people here better, all of them being converts themselves.

God gifted us with a new family this week. We found a man who`s wife is a less active member. He is the most positive investigator I have met, and we have the honor of teaching him. We have his baptismal service planned for the 18th of August. We have another family planned for the 18th as well.

The picture of us soaking wet is a picture of us soaking wet. There was a monsoon swept through our area and almost carried us with it.

The mission is going great right now. It appears that the mission is flying by right now. I almost have 13 months and I thought yesterday was the year mark. It makes me want to work harder and take advantage of the time I have been given. The mission is the tithing of life, and if we do it right the windows of heaven pour out a blessing until we can`t receive any more.

Sorry for the rush of time.

I love you family. Take care.
Elder Jacobsen


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