Email #56

Goodness parents,
I think you tore my heart in half when you told me the news about Cami. Let Doug know that I love him, and that he was always one of the men I put on a pedestal. I emailed him, but let him know I love him.

News for the week, we confirmed Joaquin Guerrero, and we have 2 baptisms this weekend. They are two family baptisms, and we are excited for them. There names are Fredy Moreno, and Jose Contreras. There wives are both less active members that we are activating in the process.

Things are going well in the mission. They glide along, and I keep working. The time goes by so fast, and we got to make sure we are working hard. Last Tuesday we had a temple trip where we brought investigators to see the outsides of the temple. Our zone loaded up 3 busses of members and investigators. We brought 55, which was really quite an accomplishment for the size of our zone.

The things are speeding up in the area. We have found some very positive investigators that were prepared by the Lord to hear us. They have gone to church, and are progressing. We should see more baptisms coming up here soon.

It has been a great experience on the mission to see how the spirit can work within us, how to recognize it, and how to improve. One of the things I`ve learned in the mission is that some of the most real and important things are the things that are not seen: faith, love, diligence, obedience, confidence with the Lord, and charity. Such things and attrubutes of God last forever, they are not seen, and only the pure in heart can obtain them.

The contrast are the things that Satan encites us to obtain. Such things are superficial, visible, and short lasting. They aren`t constant, and they have extreme highs and lows: lust, envy, hatred, anger, nice clothes, material.

God is constant. Our spirit lasts forever. Shouldn`t we put our emphasis on these things? Why would I waste my time improving my self-image in the eyes of others, when perhaps God might be disappointed? I am discovering a great new way to live life: ensure that God is pleased with me, always. I must show Him I love Him by my diligence and faith in His word… and it works. I feel full, all the time. Life is sweet, and rewarding.

Thanks for sending me. Give Doug my love, and send a birthday wish to Grandpa Jacobsen.

Love you.
Elder Jacobsen.


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