Email #57

Hey family,
I am very happy that Franko was baptized.

I`m still waiting on the package, but I haven`t checked in about a week, so it`s probably there.

We had two baptisms last week. Their names are Fredy Moreno and Jose Contreras. Both of them are married and have wives. The wives were less-active members. We baptized the husbands and reactivated the wives. It was a great experience. The two are some of my favorite converts in my entire mission.

The picture that is not inside a church is the ______ family. They are very cool people to be around. Fredy is an amazing convert. They do not live in our area. The stake president gave us the reference and with the approval of the mission pres, we went and taught them.

Jose Conteras is the other little guy. We married them Saturday and them had Jose baptized the next day. He is also one of my favortie converts. He is 23 years old and they have a little son. His baptismal clothes are a little big, but when we asked if we had smaller clothes we said, “yes, but they are for 8 years old.” He is a small guy, but is a spiritual giant.

If you can mom, send me some pictures of Franko`s baptism. I hope the service was a good one. There is such a strong spirit in a baptismal service. I`ve had investigators decide to get baptized because of the spirit they felt during the service. It is a great opportunity to introduce investigators to the church.

As a mission we are doing a PMG reading chart. I recently finished reading it and I really have gained a testimony of that book as living scripture. I invite you as a family to study it as the Book of Mormon or the Bible. Preach My Gospel provides an organized, set, and stable way to present the doctrine of the church. It is a compilation of doctrines presented in the Book of Mormon in an organized and established way. If you would like to help the children understand the doctrine of the church, study PMG: mainly chapters 3 and 5. Mom, if you want to improve your teaching, study chapter 10. I know the book is scripture. Begin a habit of study.

Thanks family for the support. I love you. Keep baptizing. I like that.
The gospel has a familiar ring to all who hear it, because they have heard it. Pray about it, but I hope for more missionaries and investigators in your house again.

If you can, send me some hard-core acne killer. It`s not too bad, but I can`t seem to get rid of it.
That red cased Cetaphil worked, but I`m thinking something harder. This El Salvadoranian witch brewery medicine doesn`t seem to do the trick.
Love you,
Elder Jacobsen


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