Email #58

Hey family,

I thought the pictures for Loren´s wedding were cool. I enjoyed the picture of the “nice piano” face, as well as the cardboard cut-outs of Mackenzie and Geoffrey. That was clever, and I appreciate some wit every now and then.

Sounds like an excellent opportunity for Franko. There couldn´t be a better situation. You can take that sarcastically or realistically: both interpretations apply. I do see this as an opportunity to strengthen his testimony by a landslide. This can make him, or break him. Seeing that he is a powerful convert, I think that this well make him a better man, and more strongly converted to the gospel.

This week was very busy. There are now 6 missionaries in our ward in Molino. They sent 2 sister missionaries last Wednesday. The past week we spent our time finding them a house. After we got them situated we presented them to their area (which was our area). We gifted our last area. We are now working farther down south in the boondocks. We´re starting with a clean slate again, so it´s like we are opening an area. We´ll hit it hard these weeks to make sure that we start baptizing again and put some dates.

Sounds like Mary is ruling the world in tennis.

I really don´t have anything to tell you about the mission this week. Everything started over again: new area, new people… same ward. We literally spent the entire week looking for a house and helping others know their new area. We are working hard.

Some interesting news…. I am getting glasses.. Ha. I´ve been having headaches lately, for a few months now. I talked to the nurse, got an eye exam…. my vision is more than perfect, but it looks like the nerves are stressed out from the sun. They prescribed some non-prescriptive lenses that turn dark in the sun, so I don´t have to squint. Basically I bought some nerd shades.

Hey, if I go on a mission and look like a nerd, I might as well go all the way. Bring on the nerd-shades, lets get that party going, and I´ll go preach a bit. It´ll be fun.

Well family, I love you all. Take care. I´m going to send some pictures later on if I can.

Elder Jacobsen


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