Email #59

Hey family,

Just another week gone in El Salvador. I hope everything over there is going well.  It seems like everybody is getting married. I`m glad Tat married a good man.
This week was a good one. As far as baptisms and baptismal dates, we don`t have any in our area. We`re still working in this new area trying to get things rolling. We managed to bring 6 people to church, so we`ll work with and prepare them for baptism.
What`s really working right now is our zone: zone Molino. We managed to bring 38 people to church, which was a zone record. We finished the month of August baptizing 20 people. 
The new area is very different from the last area I was in. The last area was very modernized and a little more high-class. This can make the finding and teaching a little more difficult, but the investigators are usually very quality persons. Right now I`ve went to the land of chickens, to preach among the poor to help them know the church. I love the new area. Finding and teaching people is made very simple. Yet, in the new area it`s a little harder to help them understand the message of the restoration. They let us in because we speak the word of God. It`s hard to help them understand that this is the church that God runs, that He has organized, and that He leads. However, we`ll just have to change our form of teaching. We`ll teach more simply, and we`ll take advantage of such a fruitful area while I`m here.
I`m learning alot from my companion, Elder Gibson. It`s nice to speak to somebody in English. We talk about life, about the mission… In fact, we have forbid the word “home” or “someday” in our conversations because it was becoming too common. We try to retain a strict focus on the mission…. and it can be so easy to drift forward in thoughts especially going down-hill in the mission. However, that`s what the devil does. I know whatever we put into the mission, we get out in return. 
I`ve been reading Jesus the Christ again. It makes my love for the New Testament increase so much. I love reading about being a disciple of Jesus Christ. Some of my favorite excerpts from the scriptures are found in Mark 8. Those who call themselves disciples of Christ must be willing to deny everything in order to follow Him and do His will. Sometimes we hesitate. That doesn`t make sense to me, although we do it. He is “the gardener” as Hugh B. Brown said, He knows who He wants us to be and what He wants us to do, and it is always for the best. When we hold back something from Him, in a sense  we tell Him that we can shape our lives better than He can.
I`ve seen in my mission how when somebody gives all of their desire, devotion, and heart to God, He changes and improves that person. I`m not the perfect missionary, nor the perfect person by any means, but I know I`ve given my heart to God. Doing this… you can feel His presence in your life, and you begin to know Him. God isn`t some foreign character that we read about in the scriptures, but He is our father that loves us with a perfect love. He sent us Jesus Christ to give us the example and prepare the way back into His presence. 
I hope that your week goes well. I know that this is the work of the Lord and that He lives, just as tangible and alive as any man. 
I love you all,
Elder Jacobsen



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