Email #60

Greetings family,
Just another week over here in El Salvador! Things are moving along. We´re working hard in this new area, but we´re not seeing too many fruits of our labors. We brought 1 fellow to church yesterday, and we hope to put a baptismal date with him this week, so we´ll see how it goes. Not much is going on in the area right now. We´re still getting to know it, but we hope to be able to baptize someone this month. We´ll just keep praying and working until we do. This month we´re going to schedule things better with the members and try to contact their friends. Hopefully that will work out.

The big news of the week is that Elder Duncan of the 70 came to visit the mission. We had a multi-zone with him as well as a ZL leaders meeting. It was a great opportunity to learn from a man so close to God. Before the multi-zone, he lined all the missionaries up and got to converse with them for a few seconds. The eye is the window to the soul. Those guys searched us and bored our souls out with their glare. Hopefully nobody got sent home.

He talked to us about Luke 13: a tree in the vineyard of the Lord that wasn´t giving any fruit. In this parable, the Lord basically states, “why does this tree keep covering the land?” He talked about how the church pays 9K for every missionary in one year. When we don´t do our job, the Lord asks “why does this tree… keep covering my land?” That was a good machete for all of us, and it helped me ponder alot about my mission, if I am bearing enough fruit to be considered a good tree. He also talked alot about the nature of God, as well as planning. Planning…. ugh. That is my biggest vice. I must repent for that, and I am currently in that process. He read a scripture in Luke 17 about planning.

I do like to plan, but I have been struggling with it in El Salvador. Nobody likes to commit to a time, and they always say “I don´t know if I´ll be alive that day.” It kind of a frustrating culture thing for me, and has really worsened my planning, but we´re going to tight er´up.

I was thinking about the dangers of getting in the “grind of things.” When we feel like we have adjusted to something or when we “think” we have become good at something, that is when we stop progressing. This can be applied in every situation, whether it be your job, in the mission, or in any hobby. I started noticing this “in the grind” habit entering into my mission, and that was really when the mission starting fading towards a job more than a sacred experience. I am repenting and will make sure I don´t enter the mode so many missionaries make the mistake of entering. This is a training ground for life, and we must take advantage of every second!

I´ve been reading Jesus the Christ again, and I love reading from the new testament. The gospel has it´s compexities and mysteries, but it can be simplified down to the teachings of Jesus. I love reading those and applying them.

Sorry I don´t have any pictures this week. I think the mission sent one of E. Duncan to you guys.

I love you family, take care

Elder Jacobsen


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