Email #61

Goodness… there`s no way that little girl has cancer. That`s a disaster. I`ll make sure to keep her in my prayers.

This week went super badly. I`m not even going to beat around the bush. It was the national day of independence here in El Salvador. Hey. That`s cool for El Salvador, but for the work of the Lord that was terrible. Nobody went to church. Church attendance dropped by 50 people. We do have a good pool of investigators. They are reading the Book of Mormon and growing in their testimony. The only thing they are lacking….. They haven`t gone to church yet. As soon as they do, we`ll starting working with them for baptism.

The pictures I sent are good ones. The photo of the bottle is rattlesnake cream. This crazy older man over here saw my face, that it was breaking out, and he said “hey buddy…. take this rattlesnake cream. It will heal any wound!”
Needless to say… I have not used the rattlesnake cream. I was thinking of saving it until I get home so I can mass produce it to help all with acne. Some funny things that go over here in chicken land.

I had a family night with one of the RC`s that I have. He explained to us the story of King Benjamin like he has been a member for years. It was a great blessing to see one of our converts progressing and really understanding the importance of all of this. That man has made all of my efforts in the mission and frustrations worth it. There are some converts that will be our friends forever, because we forever change their life.

Well family… not much has changed in the last week. We`re trying to work hard, but it feels like we`re just punching at a brick wall right now. With some fasting and prayer we`ll see what we can do.

Elder Jacobsen

Do you like how we`re shining like angels in the photo? Oh yeah.


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